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Picture Post, Lets see your Saiga 12!

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6-1/2" evlblksbs  

In its final form:  

My daughter does modeling and she did a shoot this week with firearms. I let her borrow my Saiga.  

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Day 1 with My new Saiga 12. It is facotry stock, hasn't been fired (yet). I got it today from Greg at Carolinashooterssupply.com. Greg is great to deal with and patiently answered my questions. I shot a Tromix Saiga 12 a few weeks ago, ans had to have one of my own. Mine is no Tromix, but I will be working on it!! The other pic is my 2 AGP "Build it yourself" 10rd. mags. For $5 more, they would've sent them to me assembled, but whats the fun in that??

post-27263-026750700 1287141202_thumb.jpg

post-27263-086317400 1287141209_thumb.jpg

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An updated version of mine, the ladybugs add a nice touch, yeah?







Polished/re-profiled bolt, carrier and hammer, opened up the 3 ports to .093. No FTE's after about 500 rounds through that clear surefire 10 rd, factory 5 rd and the MD-20. Cut the barrel from 19" to 18.0625" (18 1/16).



Still gets all the attention at the range, 'specially when a full MD-20 goes on it.




:killer: Most addictive weapon I've ever fired.

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Here's my Saiga-12: G2 trigger group, Krebs custom axis pin plate, SAW style grip, AR style stock, UTG quad rail, AR-Stoner broom handle, 12&10 round mags, BSA 30MM red dot(saving for the EOTech), Poly choke 2, Bolt carrier and bolt has been glass bead blasted and nickel plated, entire gun has been stripped and double gun kote on the interior of the receiver and exterior of the gun, also had 2 more gas ports drilled in the barrel to bring it up to 4 gas ports, and a recoil buffer. Pure 2nd Admendment bliss.




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Para cord wrapped Ace 7.5 stock

Ace folding mechanism

Bolt in receiver block

Tapco FCG

Tapco SAW grip

Tromix D-I-Y trigger guard


HK sights (weld)

Left side charger

Tromix oversized charging handle

Kreb's safety lever mod (weld on stock lever)

Extended mag release (weld on stock extension)

Chaos tri rail

V Plug

King Armory tappet

Phoenix door breacher

KAC rail covers

3 point sling

KAC vertical foregrip

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The "Vepr-12 Molot" shotgun is made on the basis of the Kalashnikov light machine-gun (RPK), produced for the shells of 12/76 gauge. "Vepr-12 Molot" (VPO-205, 430 mm barrel) is a multi-purpose semi-auto shotgun, from other versions of Vepr-12 it differs with an available detachable flame arrester installed on the barrel muzzle part and with a mechanism blocking the trigger and eliminating from the possibility of shooting, when the stock is folded up.


Original Vepr-12 Molot (VPO205) made by VYATSKIEPOLYANY MACHINE BULDING PLANT (Molot) was bought due to better quality then IZHMASH production.

Modifications were made:







Molot muzzle Attachment (Cylinder-choke) - Flash Hinder painted Duracoat Ultra Flat Tactical Extreme Gray (lower) &

Custom (two chambers) Muzzle Break-Compensator painted Duracoat Ultra Flat Tactical Black(upper).




Detailed pictures are here :)

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Here is my CSS supplied Saiga-12, with the TAPCO Dark-Earth furniture. I wonder why they didn't call this color Desert Tan or something like that. Dark Earth it Ain't !! I added a side-quik-mount 978, and a 4 way red/green dot sight.


Got some extra 10 round mags and a v-plug to put in yet, but this is mine. One photo of the gun, and two of the sight and mount.







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Trigger Guard (TIG welded)... made by me


Forend... made by me


Internals... tweaked by me


Left side bolt handle... made by me out of an AK piston


Extended mag release... made by me


Grip... Tapco SAW


JT AGP Magwell (First Generation)


MSA stock adapter, CSS pignose adapter, UTG folding mechanism, Tapco AR stock and tube. (I have to be over 30" folded in Michigan, hence the odd adapters)


Krylon and my own pattern for paint/camo


That's a Promag 10... but I have AGP mags as well.

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Ultra Light Modular Side Folding Stock

MD Arms molot grip

CSS trigger guard and FCG

CSS tri rail

"Fumes" custom SKS heat shield ( I have these specially made :lolol: )

Tromix charging handle

MD Arms V plug

Painted w/ cast iron color idea I stole borrowed from Chile (thanks man :smoke: )

SVG from CSS

everything lightly polished runs great


3 10 rnd AGPs

1 12 rnd surefire

1 5 rnd stock

1 20 rnd MD Arms drum


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Well as I got off to a rocky start ( less asked the better for all of us .) I thought I would try to patch things up by posting one of my conversion jobs .


This little beaut being a personal build unlike a few of the conversions I have done for friends.


So there ya have it feel free to give me advice or pick it apart , choice is yours, and this one is still a work in progress.



Parts used, :

Chaos tri-rail

Tapco g-2 trigger ( Tromix cut & polish from Carolina shooter's supply ), CSS bolt on trigger guard

Cobra heat shield

Magpul AFG / Magpul rail covers /Magpul CTR stock

ACE internal trunnion and Ar style folding stock adapter

Enidine "shot stock"

Chaos US gas puck

Houge AK grip

Kreb's safety

BLACKHAWK! stock tube sling adapter

and a 20 round drum from MD Arms


still undecided on muzzle device and if I will upgrade the tri-rail to a quad.( with H&K style sights. )

that or the Kreb's siaga 12 bolt on sight.


REALLY needing those double stack mags, Mike! "wink wink, nudge nudge" o.k , I'll shut up now..



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