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Picture Post, Lets see your Saiga 12!

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6-1/2" evlblksbs  

In its final form:  

My daughter does modeling and she did a shoot this week with firearms. I let her borrow my Saiga.  

Posted Images

latest conversion Saiga 12 w/ 23" Barrel


see attachments for more pre-conversion


Removal of factory sight rail. others too large to upload can email others by request.


Converted. Barrel cut to 16.00" w/ 2.5" Flash compensator tig welded on. Colors: Cerakote H-Series

Graphite black & Tungsten Grey. Rivet holes tig welded.


Tromix internals & Trigger guard, Tapco T-6 Stock/Grip. TIG Welded Custom rear lever & extended saftey lever.



Factory sight rail removed and holes TIG Welded


MD Arms drum, SMG FWD Grip and Chaos rail. post-30752-0-69842200-1296012665_thumb.jpg

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Here is one of the two conversions I did for the first time this past week. I have only known about the Saiga 12 for about a month, and in that time i have done a hell of alot of reading here, and decided to take the plunge and get one myself. A buddy of mine also figured he would jump on the train, which is why I converted two :). Ive never worked on a gun before, but this was a nice project, and Im almost bummed that its coming to an end. I may have a port enlargement in my future though. The gun fired pretty damn good with the 1325 FPS 1-1/8th oz #6 shot, but it choked pretty bad on the 1oz #8 winchester stuff pretty bad. It probably FTE 1:5 or so. I also need to do the mod in the picture below because I had 3 or 4 FTFs as well because the shell got snagged by that sharp edge, preventing it from going all the way in.


Mod to fix FTFs that I need to do:



Here are pics of my monster :)







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My S12 has been stockless and gripless since I moved to SC last July, but I took it out the other day when I was messing with my phone's camera. I'm still debating on a stock and grip to replace the thumbhole I had on it in NY (no pistol grips allowed on S12's in NY). I have it narrowed down to the DPH skeleton stock and MD Arms Molot clone grip, or just using the spare Magpul MOE stock and MIAD grip I already have laying around. We'll see.






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Here's the latest S12 build from Polymer Grip Profiling and Patterson Weaponry. Components include; Talon breaching standoff permanently attached to shortened and recrowned barrel to 18 1/4" finished length, Hk front sight, UTG quadrail, fabricated Galil Micro style charging handle and Galil style magazine release, Tapco G2 FCG, Hk rear sight, Hogue pistol grip, MAA stock adapter, ACE Ltd. push button folding mechanisim and pignose, Enidine recoil reduction, Mag Pul CTR stock. Finished in Cerakote Graphite Blackpost-2332-0-95639000-1297055148_thumb.jpg(baked on). Thanks for looking

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Finally got it back together, thanks to CSS for the parts I needed.











Chaos tri-rail

Gunfixr gas plug

Magpul MOE stock

Magpul MOE grip

Ace AR-to-AK adapter

Ace pignose stock adapter

CSS internal receiver block

Tango Down stubby VFG

Magpul ladder rail covers

Tromix DIY

Tapco FCG


That's just a mock up for now. Still need to do a hair more filing where I cut the tang. A minuscule amount of material is preventing it from seating 100% flush right now, so the mounting holes on the sides are a touch off. Also need to cut down the grip screw a tad.

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Here's Mine:




Tapco FCG

Carolina Shooters Supply Trigger Guard

Twisterpuck Piston

Gunfixer Gas Plug

Magpul M4 Buttstock

Magpul Improved Pad

CAA Aluminum Tube

JTE Magwell

Chaos Extended Quad Rail

Chaos HK Sights

SGM Muzzle Brake

Molded Vertical Grip

Tromix Extended Charging Handle - coming soon

Hogue Grip

Ladder Rail Guards

Light / Lazer Combo

Surefire Magazines

Pauly Bolt Polish Job






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This "Vepr-12 Molot VPO-205-01 Custom Edition" shotgun is made by of VYATSKIEPOLYANY MACHINE BULDING PLANT (Molot) on the basis of the Kalashnikov light machine-gun (RPK), produced for the shells of 12/76 gauge.


Vepr-12 Molot VPO-205-01 Custom Edition is a multi-purpose semi-auto shotgun. From the other versions of Vepr-12 VPO-205-01 it differs with 20 mm longer barrel with available detachable flame arrester installed on the barrel muzzle part and Collapsible Buttstock with Buffer & Buffer Sping inside that doesn't folde up . Also this models based on many improvements of Vepr-12 VPO-206 IPSC model, that was made in cooperation of IPSC shooter Mr.Vselolod Ilyn & Chief Constructor of VYATSKIEPOLYANY MACHINE BULDING PLANT(Molot) Mr. Sergey Urzhumtsev, such as: Collapsible Buttstock with Buffer & Buffer Sping, Metal Magazine Well, Picatinny M1913 instead of Rear Sight, Improved Trigger System, Improved Slide Stop Button, additional metal Barrel Handguard, Gas Regulator, Removable Left Bolt Handle.


Modifications were made by VYATSKIEPOLYANY MACHINEBULDING PLANT (Molot):

· Original (Molot)stock was removed, Stock Adapter (compatible with MilspecAR15 stock) made byMolot was installed. Then was installed VLTOR 5-Position Receiver Extension,MagpulCTR Carbine Stock & Magpul Enhanced Rubber Buttpad.


· Buffer & Buffer Sping was installed inside receiver.


· Original Trigger Group was replaced by Molot IPSC Trigger Group.


· Bolt details, as well as, Trigger Group ware adjusted and checked before paint by Molot.


· Custom made barrel was installed


· Molot Metal Magazine Well was installed.


· Picatinny M1913 instead of Rear Sight was installed.


· Additional metal Barrel Handguard was installed.


· Molot Gas Regulator was installed.


· Removable Left Bolt Handle was installed.


· RAMSaiga 12 Extended magazine release was adjusted by Molot + Original (Molot) magazine release was placed asspare part


· E-TacTwisterPuc (Standard) GasPiston was adjusted by Molot tofit Vepr-12


· Gun details werePhosphate coated (Parkerized) & plastic details ware Blast with 120 grit Aluminum oxide before painting


· Molot painted Shotgunby Duracoat Snow Gray as a base color for Urban MirageFlage Camo, due to Molot doesn't make Duracoat Camo yet .



The pic of Vepr-12 Molot VPO-205-01 Custom Edition" shotgun from the box. gallery_27758_642_648004.jpggallery_27758_642_91584.jpg



The pics of Vepr-12 Molot VPO-205-01 Custom Edition & Vepr-12 Molot VPO-205-00.



Detailed pictures are here 035.gif

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Here is my latest addition. I am happy thus far....missing something, just haven't figured it out yet. I have ordered a short flash suppressor and MD Arms V-Plug/KA Trappet. Polished the bolt, hammer, etc. myself but needs more work. Installed the BHO and seems to function well. Had to bend the spring to keep it from slipping. Will probably notch it to make sure it stays, but don't think it will be going anywhere as is. Although it doesn't look like it, I can see the sights/bead just fine.


Tapco Modded trigger FCG single hook

Modded BHO

Polished Bolt, carrier and hammer (modded)

Stripped and Gun Koted

RAM Trigger Guard

Surplus wood butt stock and hand guard

Dinzzag Lower Hand Guard Retainer




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