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Picture Post, Lets see your Saiga 12!

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6-1/2" evlblksbs  

In its final form:  

My daughter does modeling and she did a shoot this week with firearms. I let her borrow my Saiga.  

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well ill start by saying hello to all of you ppl ..... And what amazing firearms you all have. Im new to this forum and to the saiga 12 for that matter i just fell in love with this gun from the moment a friend showed me some videos of it in action. from that point on i had to have one of my own. i know its just getting started but heres whats done so far.

CSS pistol grip conversion with DPH Skeleton Stock and the rest of there goodies then "thanks to my wife" who wrapped the stock with paracord about 80 feet lol.

a few 10 and five round mags round it out for now. the outher pic has her case mate my completely oem Russian sks i was going to convert it to pistol grip but just could not get away from the wood.. thanks in advance guys



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Love the Saiga-12! Just found this forum and all the great info, thank you!




4 AGP Version 2 10 round mags

1 Pro-Mag 10 round mag

Carolina Shooters low brass reliability kit

Quad rail system

Tromix Charging Handle

DIY Tapco SAW Grip

VLTOR tube

Stag Arms stock

Tapco fore-grip




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Had mine about a month now. The day I got it, I had my gun guy add a Tapco stock/pistol grip, Troy "combat" vertical grip and USG quad rails while I was there. I since added a Poly-Choke 2 Breacher, Carolina Shooters puck, MD Arms adjustable gas plug, MD Arms 20 round drum, and a ProMag 12 rounder (coming tomorrow). All goes in a VooDoo Tactical bag. Looks like I'll be doing some gas work also. Still learning and learning. Good to be here.




with a couple of my 1911's . . .






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Just bought my first Saiga two weeks ago and you just gotta love it :)

Saiga 12k Taktika Mod 040-02

The rifle is my Bulgarian AK-47 clone: Arsenal SAR-M1 7.62x39

That other picture is a comparison between the Saiga butt stock and Tigr-02 7.62x54R


(So sorry about the picture quality. My camera is old and sh!tty )



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Professor Malthusias Zhirinovsky, Royal Armourer of His Imperial Majesty the Tsar of Garðaríki, introduces the latest improvement on the famed Callahan Fullbore Autolock design.


Suitable for the harvesting of large game, the dispatching of dastardly villains and malefactors, the suppression of native uprisings, the restoration of the Walking Dead to their natural inanimate state, and the reduction of the user's choice of target to it's essential elements. Prof. Zhirinovky's Shoulder-Fired Kinetic Energy Cannon is the weapon of choice of Men of Action everywhere.


Available now and prepared to receive orders by pneumatic tube, telegraph, and dirigible aerostat special delivery.


Also Available at Select Armourers:


10 Round Box Magazines of Depleted Unobtainium Projectiles. Just the thing for belligerent armoured Moon-Spiders and marauding Airship Pirates.


20 Round Rotary Drum of Wide-Dispersal Anti-Personnel Pellets. Had Major Sebastian Worthington III (Esquire) had a brace of these, The Queen would never have lost her colony in Eastern Tangeria to those ungrateful savages.




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My new Saiga 12


-ACE 8.5 Side Folding Stock

-249 Type Pistol Grip

-Chaos Titan Quad Rail System

-HK416 Iron Sights

-UTG QD Vertical Grip

-Troy Industries Rail Panels

-Promag 10 round magazine

-Custom cut safety selector

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I just got my Saiga 12 a couple weeks ago ordered my parts and with VERY much help from you guys on this forum i converted my first saiga 12! Im still waiting on my chaos tri-rail, i also plan on adding a chaos breacher, some weld on hk sights, and magpul afg. might get it duracoated to match my ar-15!


Parts pictured,

Promag 10rnd(100rnds only 1 stovepipe with walmart federal!!!, only because shooting with stock folded!!!)

Tromix tapco trigger

Carolina ss trigger guard

JTE Performance Spring(SMOOTH TRIGGER)


ACE m4 folding mechanism

Cassel nut

internal stock adapter.

any tips on sight setups would be a big help thanks!!!




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Basic conversion with ATI grip and MOE stock with .75" cheek riser coming in next week




IMG_7587 by defconskylude, on Flickr



IMG_7582 by defconskylude, on Flickr



IMG_7579 by defconskylude, on Flickr



IMG_7577 by defconskylude, on Flickr



IMG_7575 by defconskylude, on Flickr



IMG_7573 by defconskylude, on Flickr



IMG_7571 by defconskylude, on Flickr



IMG_7569 by defconskylude, on Flickr



IMG_7567 by defconskylude, on Flickr



IMG_7565 by defconskylude, on Flickr



IMG_7564 by defconskylude, on Flickr




IMG_7562 by defconskylude, on Flickr



IMG_7558 by defconskylude, on Flickr

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Tapco telescoping stock and SAW pistol grip.

Tromix trigger guard.

Tapco trigger group.


CSS gas puck.

Tromix oversized charging handle.

Magpul angled vertical grip.

JTE power hammer spring.

10-slot flash suppressor.

Krebs Ghostring sights.

Tapco Intrafuse handguard.

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post-27404-0-26080700-1318120784_thumb.jpgOkay, so just maybe it resembles those of a reputable builder. But hey, if an idea works, why change it!

Love my weapon, even though a survival blog stated a shotgun wasn't a good shtf weapon. Yeah, come creeping in my house. Just the sight of it and the carrier being cycled would scare most would-be perps!

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I am essentially done with the Saiga and it is unbelievable. The choke is removable and the only thing not pictured that I have that goes with it is a 14" barrel extension. I can screw the extension on the end of the barrel and the choke on the end of the extension to end up with a shotgun that I can hunt with and shoot skeet with. The only thing is that it looks terrible so I am not about to post a pic. Now before any of you give me any grief about the recoil pad...I have had major shoulder reconstructions on both of my shoulders so I have had to modify all of my guns to tone down the recoil...otherwise it just takes the fun out of shooting. That and less recoil lets you take a second shot quicker. Now before you ask, the front grip is an ergonomic grip from magpul. I wanted to use front pistol grip but found that it got in the way of the drum and mags but the ergonomic grip works awesome....even though it looks like I have given the Mona Lisa a great big Cow Lick.


The barrel is 9" SBS and the choke is removable PolyChoke II.




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By no means a glamour shot, I just finished it all last night at 11:30.


Still waiting on barell shroud from Alumalite and a Titan from whoever gets in stock first. I'll post better pictures when it's all finished.

Did the all the work myself, including the Duracoat which didn't turn out as white as I would have liked but it's still good.




Not sure on the stock though. I love the UBR but the way I mounted it, used the SMG rear trunnion, it sits to low and jams into my hand pretty good. Likely going to go with a more traditional AR stock and put the UBR on my AR.



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