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Picture Post, Lets see your Saiga 12!

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6-1/2" evlblksbs  

In its final form:  

My daughter does modeling and she did a shoot this week with firearms. I let her borrow my Saiga.  

Posted Images

Today the big brown truck dropped off a some Russian twins. CMP armory did the work and did a great job. I don't know if we'll replace the grips or not but I think it looks good.


Here they are:









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Saiga 12 SBS Just got her back from Tromex today! 10 & 1/2 inch barrel Poly Choke With Spikes ( and they are sharp! ) Manual Bolt Hold Open, Tromex Trigger Guard. US Fire Control. Pearce Grip With Punisher Colt 1911 Grips. Tapco Colt Stock. And all the little touches Tony does for the Conversions.





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Both ACE stocks: one six position AR -style, other Galil -style, both left folding; left one CCA ergo grip, right, TAPCO SAW grip; Shark bBrake; both TDI vertical forends; left one with TDI AR rails in a tri-rtail config, and vented forend on left one; Left, factory 9-rounder mags clamped with CDNN M-14/CETME/G3 Jungle mag clamp; right, AGP mag with remanufactured follower (so it'd work); E.German AK sling on left one, Custom sling on right; duracoat ACU with two colors not used.




Digital S-12 folded.






2000 model S-12 with sight ramp; factory cylinder bore muzzle attachment converted into a brake; ACE Galil left-folding stock; TAPCO SAW grip; Kobra Russian military collimator optic;TDI AR forend rail; TDI vertical grip; E.German AK sling; my version of German Flectar camo with Krylon and other camo paints.











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*REMINDER* Please post all Comments in the Saiga-12 Sister thread!






Thank You!


Cobra/Bvamp, Ill move post and clean thread later. ;)

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Here's my recently acquired S12 project. I tried to incorporate as much "new" stuff for the "garage mod'er" type DIY dudes like myself.

-Dinzag's Tapco Galil-style front grip with his bolt-on attachment clip :super::super::super:

-Atlantic Firearms/Ultimak top rail

-Incredibly tiny but awesome Docter 7 MOA red dot

-BlackJack Buffers "Speed Safety"

-Tromix Piston

-Tromix Shark Brake (not yet installed)

-Tapco G2 trigger ('ol standby...)

-Tapco SAW grip

-Ace "AR Lite" folding stock on internal block w/ 1" recoil pad


Waiting on backordered Krebs clamp-on front sight. Will install either Tromix HK or ghost ring rear sight on dust cover when I get the front sight in. I'm hoping to get the iron sights high enoug to co-witness through the Docter (which sits pretty damn low, with the Atlantic rail...)

The stock will have to be shortened yet. It is provided long and can be cut to length, I'll likely take at least a couple of inches off of it.


Here's some pic's:








Thanks for yawning at the pic's...

guido2 in Houston

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here's my old K-USA / EAA safe queen I just got around to taking some pics of.

I fitted a set of .308 wood furniture to it. This one's staying bone stock. I think it's rather...."sporting". Handles way better and a lot less felt recoil.



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And here's a new evil black one to add to the collection! Just finished this one.


18" barrel (cut back from 24" and gas ports re-done)

Krebs sights

Custom made upper rail to work with the irons.

Tapco Galil style HG fitted and cut down / vented...also double thickness at the top for extra strength and a more finished looking topside.

HG cut out at front and fitted with lower rail long enough for light and VFG. (DigiLight and Ace)

Ace folder with external block

Tromix Shark brake and HG retainer

Aimshot red dot

Duplicolor Semi Gloss engine enamel

Also added a Warfield Armory Extended Mag Release


Vented, blued steel upper HG







With Cobra Rail








Irons and rail combo.




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K.I.S.S-12 Threaded 19"


PK-AS-S red dot / black dot & ring


Red Star Arms adjustable trigger


East German sling, simmered in black Rit Dye.


I just fogged some flat black duplicolor over the welded up areas.


I've got an AK-100 sidefolder for it.


After that is on it will be finished in flat black Norrell's Molyresin.

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Started out with a 22" barrel, now cut down to 19". Did the conversion myself.


-Krebs sights.

-Romanian folder with FSE buttpad.

-Russian railed forearm.

-G2 FCG.

-Tapco pistol grip. You can't see it in the picture but I stippled the whole thing with a soldering iron. came out pretty good.

-Blackjack swift lever.

-Piston is one I made myself from stainless.

-Muzzle device is one I picked up off ebay. Can't remember the guy who makes them but it secures in place with eight set screws.

-Verticle foregrip is from ErgoGrip I think.






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Hell yeah, I got a pair!


Here are my two in their latest clothes. Nothing earth-shattering, although having co-witness with both of them is cool (well, for me, anyway....)

I wanted to put the 551 EoTech on the Galil handguard model (my "Lite" shottie) but the 552 was too long for the Halo.

BTW, the rail lugs on the Halo are taller than mil-spec...Neither of my BUIS would fold up, 'cause the distance between the top of the rail and the "V-notch" that holds the item down were too great. I had to dremel either the offending rail lug or the bottom of the folding sight piece down to eliminate the interference. Both sights were from different well-known American Mil-Spec. manufactureres

(Midwest Industries and GG&G) so I'm pretty sure it was the Halo.


post-3965-1195924845_thumb.jpg post-3965-1195924871_thumb.jpg



post-3965-1195924890_thumb.jpg post-3965-1195924907_thumb.jpg



post-3965-1195924924_thumb.jpg post-3965-1195924942_thumb.jpg



Thanks fer lookin"!

guido2 in Houston

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