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Picture Post, Lets see your Saiga 12!

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post-43002-0-76984800-1340178956_thumb.jpgpost-43002-0-61287300-1340178966_thumb.jpgHere's my Saiga-12


It's been stripped and sandblasted.The receiver, dust cover, barrel, and ladder rail protectors have been coated with Tungsten Cerakote while the bolt, trigger, trigger guard, safety lever and bolt hold open has been coated with graphite black Cerakote. Internal work includes polishing trigger and the bolt. The bolt has also been shaped to allow a full magazine to be inserted wiht the bolt closed.


It's a 4 port gun and the gas ports have been drilled t ensure they are uniform. The gas block as also had the hole enlarged a little to ensure the ports are not covered.


Chaos Titan Quad Rail

Red Jacket Firearms Immobolizer Brake

Barrel nut for brake indexing

Magpul flip up front and rear sights

FAB Defense T-POD Tactical Foregrip-Bipod

TAC-47 Auto Plug

CSS Performance PUC

Phoenix Technologies Kicklite 6 positionTactical Stock

TAPCO Trigger and Hammer

Mission First Tactical Engage AK grip

Carolina Trigger Guard

Surefire Flashlight with GunTec 1 inch offset Flashlight mount

MD Arms 20 round drum

AGP 10 Round magazine

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6-1/2" evlblksbs  

In its final form:  

My daughter does modeling and she did a shoot this week with firearms. I let her borrow my Saiga.  

Posted Images









Converted CA legal Saiga 12 Tactical Shotgun IZSL-412A w/ factory magwell from RifleGear

Izhmash 8 round mag

Ace 8.5" skeleton stock

Ace AKRBU -no mod receiver block

Surefire 660l


Red Jacket muzzle brake

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Here's mine i just finished a couple weeks ago.


css diy kit


apex bulgarian plum set modified for s12/iz108 (upper hg cut & reinforced to accomodate the rail sights)

dinzag front hg retainer

russian sling

polished bolt (light and home done)

4 port gun


Rock's Converted IZ108

Rock's Converted IZ108


I am pleased w it. Got that 'third world' look. Many thanks to everyone on this forum for all the info and the great resource that it is.


Gin shoots reliably w bulk on 2.





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TAC-47 Industries did my conversion (great work by Keith Nels) and I did the rest.

Operates smooth as butter, less recoil, stays on target, and a boat load of fun!


Saiga 12 Gauge with Full Conversion

Chaos Titan Quad Rail System for Saiga-12

Barska Multi Rectical Electro Sight

Chaos H&K Style Rear and Front Sights

Alumalite Saiga 12 Barrel Shroud

Tapco Stock & Fore Grip

Hogue Pistol Grip


TAC 47 Auto Plug

MD Arms Stainless Steel Piston

Gas Service

Blackjack Recoil Buffer

Polished Bolt & Carrier

Tromix Bolt-On Oversize Charging Handle

Parkerized & Teflon Coated

Blue Force 2 Point Sling


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Revorg, I really like the look of your build. I have been thinking about getting that barrel shroud from CSS, but I was wondering if it works well to reduce heat for handling at the range... does it get too hot to touch after shooting?


Here's my build, which is close to yours, minus the extras. I have since added a BHO, which wasn't included in the conversion I bought, and an extended magazine release. I hope JTE's new mag well will be out soon, I think it will round the gun out nicely.



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ACE Socom carbine length stock

Tapco Saw pistol grip

CSS trigger guard

Tapco Intrafuse handguard

Magpul AFG

Surefire Scout Light

MD Arms booster puck

TAC47 AutoPlug

PolyChoke II Doorbreacher

Pauly did all my bolt work and polished up my Texas AK double hook trigger fcg


*I had an ACE folder but I took it off recently



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Mine is really dull and boring compared to your guys' guns but I want mine to resemble a traditional AK.




I'd like a front sight for it next but not sure which one to get yet. I hate the ones that have the Allen screws on the bottom.

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My S-12 restored by National Firearms and reliability package by National Firearms put a

chaos extended quad rail,Limited production Claw flash hider breacher ,T-6 collapsable stock with CAA checkrest,Ergo grip, Magpul AFG1, costom trigger guard,with cerakote finish in black and cerakote finish on bolt carrier bolt and trigger have a high polish rails polished and also have an MD arms gas puc and i love the thing only hickup i have experiensed out of 300 rounds was a bad spring in a pro mag 10 rnd replaced spring with stainless steal spring and problem solved i have had AK varients ever since i got out of the military and loved the design wich lead to my S-12 purchase well worth it National Firearms has a facebook page id post a link but im not a facebook man let me know what you guys think im a new member thanks



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Here is my Lone Star Arms build I just got back after 4 weeks of them having it. Please refrain from using words like "sexy" or phrases that indicate you have, or are post erection because that's just weird and doesn't make sense to me. We are grown ass men and its a gun, not a porn star. Its a damn good looking firearm, lets just put it at that.



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here is mine. did all the work myself. enidine shot shock, magpul acs-l, tac 47 auto plug, ergo pistol grip with palm shelf, gas tube vent cover, css internal stock adapter w/pig nose adapter, jt engineering trigger guard for ar pistol grips. I love it. i got lucky because my gun came from the factory with 4 gas ports. i am going to shoota few hundred rounds through it tomorrow.

IMG 3468

IMG 3463

IMG 3462

IMG 3454

just finished this morning!

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Fresh Tromix S02 build. Ace Club Stock with Ace folder, UTG quad rail.


The stock is longer than I thought it would be, so I'll be swapping that out. And I'm not sure if I like how heavy the quad rail is. I might go back to the vented Tromix and just throw a rail on the bottom for a flashlight.



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Just took a few pics of the new wood set I got a while ago. Also took off the Front sight and bayo lug. Getting it ready for Evlblk SBS





Might invest in an ak hinge block and try and mount it to the s12 and have a krink style cover. Not sure if its going to work or not. If it does, Ill move forward and work on getting the front sight on the gas block.

icon_hail.gifSaigaTechUSA/RamLake is the only one so far that Ive seen do this. It would be awesome to get this done. we'll see.

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I am new here and this will be my first post. I bought a base saiga 12 about 2 months ago and added these extras myself. This was the first gun that I have ever added mods to and it was easy and fun. I LOVE this gun, it has by far been the best purchase I've ever made. Please feel free to send me any comments or suggestions.


here is what I have done.


added a T6 extendable pistol grip stock

added a alluminum quad rail and vertical fore grip

added the red dot

installed a reliability kit that came with a upgraded recoil spring, a better gas puc, and a 6 stage gas port.


I have many more things I would like to add so I would like to hear some suggestions ( please send them to me in a direct message.


IMG 0112

IMG 0115

IMG 0116

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