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Picture Post, Lets see your Saiga 12!

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6-1/2" evlblksbs  

In its final form:  

My daughter does modeling and she did a shoot this week with firearms. I let her borrow my Saiga.  

Posted Images

Here is a Saiga-12 I just put together this week. Here is some build details:


Tromix DIY trigger guard

Tapco G2 modified FCG

Tapco Galil AK handguard

Tromix handguard adaptor

King Armory breacher break

Krebs ghost ring sights

XS large dot tritium front sight

AGP 10rd gen 2 mag

Romanian recoil reducing AK stock



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VEPR-12 Molot :rolleyes:

stock, no mods, with red-dot sight and green laser.

laser is attached just to try it and play around and further will be substituted by tactical flashlight.

front hand grip is also in the plans...




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The Evil Empire State Conversion™!!! ( <--who came up with that? NailBomb? Fenrir? Either way, I like it, and I'm using it :D )



Here's the specs:


-19" barrel

-Bulgarian skeleton stock

-Tromix DIY trigger guard (thanks to ripper1, of C.G.A.)

-Tapco G2 FCG (tune-up by Cobra)

-Cobra's "User Friendly BHO"

-Cobra's modified retainer plate

-Chaos Quad rail, although I only have the lower tri-rail attached right now (thanks to Cameron's "Give-a-way")


(The only part I'm currently waiting on is a VFG that is being dropped off Monday. It's polymer, so I'm going to cut it down, because I prefer the "stubby" length grips.)




Now onto the pictures..........







A big thanks to NailBomb for all the help through PM. Much appreciated.


Also, a big thanks to the vendors here, who supplied me with parts:


Cobra_76_two, Ripper1 (C.G.A.) and Cameron_Hadley (Chaos). Much thanks and appreciation to you guys.


.......and obviously, thanks to all the members here for all the info! :up:

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OK, I've had my Saiga-12 for almost 2 months now, but I've been slowly adding parts to it to make it how I want. Still not finished, but at least it's worth taking a picture of now. Click on pics for video.






Still going to:


*Add a folding stock eventually. Not sure what type.

*Install a Gunfixer gas plug DONE!

*Install some type of different sighting system (ghost ring?)

*Install extended ambi mag release

*Perhaps add a bayo lug

*Add a poly choke



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Big Bro gets a face lift:

Cut barrel and welded on 74 style brake for 18.2" total length.

Full conversion with Tromix left side folder with some extra machining work (venting) and Butt pad.

Tactical LED light and folding vertical grip.

Extra venting of SGM foregrip.

Shrouds for barrel and gas tube.

Krebs sights with extra machining.



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My Saiga 12 Shotgun with:


19" Barrel

Tromix Fire Control Group

Tromix Do It Yourself Trigger Guard

Tromix Shark Brake

AK SAW Pistol Grip

AK Folding Stock

Vertical Grip

Saiga 12 Tri Rail Forearm

MD Arms Gas plug

AGP Arms 10 Round Magazine

CAMO Paintjob


Did all the work myself !!



















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Still a work in progress but needed to let her out of the closet for some air.

I have done all the mods myself thanks to this great forum and the wealth of knowledge from everybody. Thanks guys!!

I'll repost once the shottie is complete (soon I hope) listing all the parts I used, approx costs and any other druthers.. not to mention the "Doh's.




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Here's a combined collection of one of my friends and me. 3 of the 4 S-12s in the picture are mine (the top one with the MD-20 is his, still trying to convince him to do the full conversion, haha). I regretably didn't get to finish the stripped S-12 with the Tromix DIY trigger guard, so it'll be sitting naked for the next 6 months until I come back. There are also 2 Saiga 308s in the picture, one with the 16" bbl and one with the 21", both of which I converted, and a Saiga x39 which parts didn't arrive in time for.


From top to bottom:


S-12 19" External receiver block with Tromix stock and SAW grip. Tromix handguard, Tromix Monster Brake.

S-12 - Soon to be Tromix stock, and waiting on modified FCG from Cobra. Tromix DIY trigger guard, barrel extension capable of receiving rem-chokes

S-12 - K-var tan stock set nato length. Tromix DIY trigger guard and tan SAW grip. FCG from Dinzag and Poly-choke

S-12 - Tromix competition stock, Tromix DIY trigger guard, trigger from Dinzag, Surefire tri-rail, VFG from Krebs, Mid-barrel compensator from Wakal, and Tromix Monster Brake

S-308 21" bbl, Romanian AK stock, FCG from Dinzag, US gas piston, Tromix 30 cal rifle shark brake. 1P21 scope and harris bipod

S-308 16" bbl, black nato-length K-var stock set, trigger guard from Dinzag, Red Star Arms FCG, gas tube from Dinazg, and a random gun-show ghetto scope, haha.


This Saiga thing is a disease, and I don't see it going away any time soon :rolleyes:









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This is a pretty basic conversion. It has the Tromix trigger guard assembly (which provides a safety stop), Tromix fire control group (which allowed me to re-install the manual bolt hold-open), standard SAW style grip, Tapco Original Style Buttstock, and an AGP 10 round mag. I did the tiger stripe cammo job with Krylon paints (including a matte clear coat). I think it came out pretty well. I also have a holographic sight that I'm putting on it, but haven't yet received my side scope mount. If I can find a retailer who actually has the 1" Tapco AK Stock Extension, I'll be getting that as well to help with the recoil (the buttstock has a metal plate).


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I just got this. It is my first Ak style anything. The drums arrived before the shotgun. Thank you to everyone here that posted their thoughts, problems, and solutions. I learned everything I know about Saiga shotguns from you guys. I would like to also thank the guys who made the really cool black parts. Mike, Cameron, and the Tromix guy.


Here we have a Saiga 12 sunning itself in the desert near the Colorado river.

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Been a long time coming but it is finally done.

Converted by Will @ Red Jacket Firearms.

Trigger assembly moved and replaced, barrel shortened to 18.5in with brake perm attached. Install HK sights



Seen above as pictured by Red Jacket


Disassembled and sandblasted once returned and powder coated in 10% black. Then further mods by me.



How it would look if I lived in a free state.


Because I do not live in a free state. PG shotguns mag fed should be feared if owned by law abiding citizens :rolleyes:


Left side


Stock: modified SLR-95. PITA You must lengthen the area below the receiver and remove material by the back of the receiver. Remove material for the top mount and where the stock goes into the receiver. I do not like the look that much but the alternative is not available to me so all and all I am happy. The Saiga also fits better now and looks better than the other ATI etc. stocks I have seen.


Enlarged mag release, now I can hit the release with out looking and while grabbing the mag for removal. Release and trigger guard are drilled.


12 in holes and slot hand guard custom made by me.


Muzzle brake


Shot looking at the front. I also modified the HK front sight with a washer making for very quick target sighting


Right side with rail attached.


Right side safety: Cut for bolt hold open and holes punched in it.


This is the fault of all of the guys on this site the Mods and Admin included. Came across Saigas about 5-6 years ago. Finally got serious and bought one used about 2 years ago. This is a direct result of the things I have learned here. Thanks to all. :super:

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