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Lead Slugs in .308 Saigs

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If you're talking about hard cast bullets then the answer is that they would either lead very badly because you have to push them to near full velocity to cycle the action or they wouldn't cycle the action.


Saigas are designed specifically for standard pressure 150-165 grain loadings - jacketed bullets.


If you want to shoot hard cast bullets, then stick with bolt actions, single shots, pumps, levers, etc. - or autoloaders that are chambered for cartridges with velocites 2,100 fps or less.

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Thanks for the responses. As I said, I am not going to reload lead slugs. For that matter, as long as I can get Wolf or other cheap ammo for "plinking" I have no intention of reloading for the .308. What little serious hunting I might do will be covered with premium factory ammo. I reload for my big bores, a .500 S&W and .458 only. Don

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