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Questions for 7.62x39

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First off id like to say hi to all you saiga fans. I bought my saiga about 2 weeks ago and i love it .I feel its the best bang for the buck. But i need questions answered in a way that makes it clear to me.


# 1 Are 20 or 30 round mags legal ? If they are, how do you get them? perferably without makeing or converting them myself. Ive heard about replacing parts to make them legit but the link didnt show the exact parts (or maybe i just couldnt figure it out) How much money ? Should i just buy two or three extra 10 rounders?


# 2 Are pistol grips legal? Does it require a new stock to add a pistol grip?


# 3 Does anyone make a bipod that fits well and dosnt feel really cheap?


# 4 Who makes stocks for saigas thumbhole or pistol


If it matters i live in utah and although we dont have as lame of gun laws as california it would not surprise me if these things are not going to be legal in this wonderful state i live in. (ha ha) My buddy just got a .223 and is wondering about the same things. Sorry for the miss spellings and errors.


Thank you in advance

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Welcome, I live in Utah as well and own both a converted 7.62x39 Saiga and a Saiga 12.


1) to use any mag larger than 10 round you need to replace 5 Saiga parts with 5 U.S. made parts. The easiest and one of the only ways is to do a pistol grip conversion replacing the Fire Control Group (3 parts), Buttstock, and pistol grip = 5 US made parts. If you don't want to convert to a pistol grip, you are out of luck with hi-capacity magazines.


2) perfectly legal if you convert, see 1). You can use the stock buttstock with a pistol grip conversion, but that mean you have to add one more US part somewhere else and your buttstock will both look weird and be too long.


3) You can mount a Harris bipod to the sling swivel, very sturdy and professional. But I'm not a big fan of bipods for 7.62x39 rifle, you just aren't going to be very accurate anyways.


4) no one yet. If you do the pistol grip conversion, you can use any stock for a stamped receiver AK.



BTW, what part of Utah? I live in Provo. Would be fun to do a Saiga shoot sometime.l


In fact, if you are discouraged from converting your Saiga, as I was at first, maybe I could help you out. It's really not that hard and is very worthwhile too! I'll be converting my Saiga 12 around Sept. 13th (sunset of AWB)

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I can't beleive you didn't add the sheik link!


I don't know how Utah is (I've always tried to hurry through there!hehe), 30 round mags are legal here in oregon (pronounced Origun).


The thing that was unclear to me (Before the conversion), was which is the legal way to do it according the BATF - changing the magazine or changing the gun. I wish I could find a site that listed each state ordinences about firearms.


smithmonter - if you didn't know you own an AK-47 with a stamped receiver, russian no doubt! It has been basterdized from it's origonal form with a hunting (monte, carlo type) stock. The triggar has been moved to the back of the receiver, where the full auto stuff should be (right?), to accomodate the hunting stock so you can reach the trigger from the back. The hi-cap mags can be found anywhere on the planet. Go to ANY gun store and ask for an ak-47 magazine - they'll probably overcharge you at $20.

goto http://www.k-var.com/price.asp?30=0+and+20&6=4 , and explore around - it'll give you a good idea of what you can do to these guns!

happy shootin'!

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just for informational purposes...the saiga rec. can accept most common hi cap ak mags by either filing the latch in the gun or the catch on the mag...there is very little metal to remove so go easy www.centerfiresystems.com has hi cap ak mags for 8 bucks

Of course, but what's the point of telling people that without making sure they know it is totally illegal to do so w/o adding U.S. parts?

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A big thanks to everyone ecspecially hartzpad. Me and my buddy with the.223 (he wants the bipod,im no sniper), will be adding the us parts soon to make this legal. I cant imagine how much fun it will be to have 30 rounds to rattle off.Thanks for the great links. I look forward to talking with you all about these guns.


By the way i live in Murray (SLC) Do you happen to know if there are any stores with saigas in stock in provo orem area? Slc is about dry

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By the way i live in Murray (SLC) Do you happen to know if there are any stores with saigas in stock in provo orem area? Slc is about dry

Gallensons's gun shop on 2oo South and state street (or maybe it was main street) had a few in May. They have their FFL on file with CDNN though, so you can just order through them.

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I did an expensive conversion, but I'm happy with it:


ACE skeleton buttock + all hardware and recoil pad = $119

ACE Galil pistol grip = $17.95

Tapco G2 FGC = $39.99

Total was around $180.


But if you wanted to do it cheap, it can be done for $100 and under



Do let me know if you guys ever go out shooting. I usually just shoot in some local spots, but I've heard good things about the gravel pit on the west side of Utah lake.

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K-var had the buttstock pistole grip combo from K-var, $40 - $45.

I can't remember where the trigger group came from but I don't think that you need a new hammer, and you don't need a new retainer or (detacher hook, whatever it is) hook, althought you DO need 10 U.S. parts.

I guess looking back- I might have payed $40 for the trigger group. Seems like I just saw one for $20, some where - the trigger is an important component I would rather spend some money getting something that works! the G2 single hook is a fine trigger group.

If you buy the whole thing in peices it doesn't seem like alot.

The gun show won't give you ANY of these parts!!!! unless you find some gun smith that puts shi together! and work some kinda deal. You can haggle some times for clips ( I got two forty rounders for like $28). And cases of bullets are cheap there! other wise I don't feel anything good comes of it!

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hear you go. You want ANY butt stock that goes with a STAMPED RECIEVER!!!! Remember that word! then you'll have to cut it a little to fit the saiga, the part that goes into the gun I mean.

I'm warning you though, the euro (regular size) is pretty damn short! I seriously didn't like mine and went for the NATO legnth! It put my face too close to the receiver, after shooting with the regular(saiga) stock it didn't feel right to me at all!

here are some combo sets - K-var has treated me very well in the past!


that warsaw lagnth one looks pretty cool

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it just means that it's longer than the Europen (standard) legnth!!!

I'm very baised on this subject I hate that euro one!!!!!! AND I have the 20" barrel I thought it looked funny, too!! For me, I'd use that euro on a .223, but I've kinda changed my mind on the saiga for that round!

just go for that warsaw combo -you won't be dissapointed!

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there's only a 1.5 inch difference. I'm only assuming the warsaw legnth is longer, because the WARSAW and NATO are both war type agreements which include makeing standards on war type weapons, banning chemicals and the such!

if your going to change your mind for your girlfreind, then go ahead! it might be a good idea, but is she going to start giving you a bed time? (just razzin' ya man!)


According to sheike (refer to the web site), that's why the euro butt stock is so short, for women and children.

I guess there's nothin' wrong with it, alot of guys use them! if you've got the shorter gun it keeps the whole thing compact.

I'm just tryin' to warn you - I ended up buyin' another one.

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