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The following is an email I sent to EAA:

> I saw on the Izhmash web site they had 2 shot clips for the Saiga 12. As

> you know these are needed to duck hunt. How can I get some of these

> clips? My local EAA retailer had no idea they existed and Izhmash told

> me to contact you.

> Also since the federal law bans "removable magazines that hold more than

> 9 rounds" why can't I (non LE) buy an 8 round magazine? What would be

> illegal or bad about that? The 8 round magazine would be a great benefit

> during 3 gun competition and Iowa pheasant hunting.

> Thank you,


This was the reponse:




I did not modify the responce at all. They ingnore the 8 shot clip question all together. WTF are they so worried about? And what's "Hope to see them in the future." mean? I hope to see them too, in my hand!

I guess that no one at EAA takes the Saiga 12 to be serious sportsmans gun. That is really sad. I wanted this weapon to be my "one shotgun". I wanted to duck hunt, compete, upland hunt, deer hunt ... all with my new Saiga 12. Too bad EAA won't let me use the weapon the way I need to.

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It is sad to hear things like that about the main importer of this weapon... :ded: Sounds like they do not have a clue about what they are doing...


On the bright side... I do not know how the law works in your state, but here in Georgia it is allowed (legal) to load 3 blanks and then 2 hot rounds in the mag instead of having to buy 2-round magas... Maybe you should check it out - it might be an option... :rolleyes: (as lame as it is... :unsure: )

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Couldn't you just modify an existing 5 round mag also? I'm sure it could be done, kind of similar to installing a plug in a regular semi auto shotgun (or pump for that matter). I'm not sure what to put in there, but tinkering around with the mag, I'm sure I could find some sort of spacer (even wood?) that would only allow 2 shots to be loaded in a mag. As far as EAA not touching the 8 round thing, who knows? I'm just waiting for 9/13/04.



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In WI your weapon can not accept more that 3 rounds (1 chamber, 2 clip) for water fowl. I thought about the plug thing, a wooden rod should work.


The great news is that I found a US retailer selling the 2 shot clip!

Kalashnikov USA!

It cost as much as a 5 ($25) but it would be easier than modifying a 5 round mag.


As far a the 8 shot clip I can not find any law that would outlaw them. Can anyone tell me which law kills the 8 shot clip. The AWB says "more than 9 rounds". I guess I can wait till next year, but I don't like companies telling me it's not allowed without the law to back it up.

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OH WHERES THE SPORT? blahff if you think us USA boys want 2 shot clips yer WRONG! we want 800 shot clips. we are lazy, we load a clip and go out for the afternoon. MAKE A FOLLOWER for the MAG in the AK ACTION!!!! MAKC!!!!! PERM HOLD OPEN!!! blahff lets have fun guys. dont be a dick. :)

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I tried dealing with EAA thru email, VERY un-responsive. So I called them and finally got someone who SPEAKS ENGLISH! EAA does not sell directly to dealers or the public. They will only deal with distributers. Thats why they wont sell you any. Thats why they wont give straight answers.

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