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Saiga-12 questions

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Hi all!

I'm looking for a all around dependable defensive shotgun. In the past I've mostly been looking at a Remington 870P 18" IC barrel with 7 shot magazine tube,but recently a friend of mine suggested that I take a look at the Saiga-12.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a forum that seems to be dedicated to Saiga products. I'm really not familar (other than what I have seen on the internet and at Klashnikov USA) with the Saiga that being said my questions are as follows.

The Model I'm looking at is the one with the 19"IC barrel for civilians.

1.)What is the total weight and length of the shotgun? (in lbs. and inches please)

2.)What kind of finish is on all metal parts and how is it holding up?

3.)How are the magazines holding up?(I understand that they are made out of plastic)

4.)Are these shotguns finicky with ammo?Has anyone tryed to run low recoil ammo through them? Will I be able to shoot 00 buckshot and slugs in the model that I'm looking at?

5.)How do they handle in the hands? What is the recoil like?

6.)How is the shotgun holding up after going over the 1000 rd. mark?

7.) Last question I swear!(but it is the most important) Would you trust this shotgun with your life?

All of your opinions and comments would be greatly appreciated.



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I have the exact model you are looking to get. Great shotgun! I had some trouble at first due to cleaning issues (the gas system was pretty messy), but I can shoot just about any round that I want thru it now, with no hiccups at all. One thing I will say about these shotguns though, is that they love lube, and dry lube doesn't cut it. I hope I can answer all your questions.


1. Weight is about 9.5 lbs, and overall length is about 41 inches.

2. The finish seems to be a black paint. It holds up as good at any paint does.

3. Magazines are holding up great, no signs of wear, they are plastic, and really hard to ding up.

4. Not finnicky with any ammo I have tried. 00 buck and slugs will work with the open choke. I haven't tried any low recoil stuff. It will feed 2 3/4 and 3 inch shells with no problem.

5. Handles great in the hands, recoil is mild, compared to my Rem. 11-48. I have also installed a Blackjack recoil buffer (an older blue one), and a slip on recoil pad. Follow up shots are very quick. I can empty 6 shells in 4-5 seconds, accurately.

6. I just got mine. The owner I got mine from said he had put about 100 rounds thru it, and I have put over 250 thru it. Still shoots just the same, nothing coming loose or falling off, takes the minimalist in cleaning, takes down just like an AK (simple), but I haven't hit the 1000 round mark. I expect when I do it will be shooting just the same.

7. Absolutely, that's the main reason I bought it. It sits next to the bed, with a full magazine in it, with 00 buck.


Keep reading this site, some people are reporting quirks about them, like being difficult to reload magazines with a closed bolt, and other things. They haven't been an issue for me, and I still think it is one of the best gun purchases I have made in the last year. Hope that helps, and good luck in your search.



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