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Got my converted saiga 12 today...

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Has a romanian wire folder... I have some 3 inch magnum 00 buckshot I'm gonna break it in with. Have one of those 10 rounders and a five rounder. Just wondering if I'm gonna seriously hurt myself shooting magnums with a metal buttstock and what gas setting I should have it on/what the gas settings mean? This thing is SWEET I'll post pictures as soon as I get 'em. :D


P.S. - Here's a pic from the seller. I told him to keep the stock and give me free shipping. Used a romanian wire folder I got from a friend for 25 bucks.



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You sure as hell will if you forget to change the setting to #1! Take the plug all the way out out and look at the back of it and you will understand how it works from then on. On setting 1 it blocks off the ports so you don't get as much gas pressure on the piston and bolt carrier. It would probably be good to take it out and clean the gas system good anyway if it's a used gun.

I hope it's cold where you are...lol.


Almost forgot...when you screw it back in run it all the way up snug and back it off to the first #1 click. If you pass #2 then you need to turn it clockwise when you change the setting back to 2.

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If you're going to use a romanian folder on there, get yourself one of these.


Might want to consider doing a paracord wrap on it too.





That's the one I have bookmarked. ;) Thanks though.


You guys think a recoil buffer would help at all? I used to think they were american over-engineering, fixing a problem that didn't exist, but I my new aks came with them, and I like how they shoot with them in. Can you use a normal ak buffer in a saiga? Does it help with the recoil any?

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