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Saiga-20 Picture Thread

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Just Got Married on October 23, 2010. She did let me take a couple pictures with my men, my shottys "and a old 44 cal. black powder" The Older Brother wanted to be different! BTW the best man for got

Work in progress, but it's coming along.

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finished some work on my S20. A little more work than a 12 but all in all I like the results.

Tapco G2 trigger group

Tapco folding stock

SAW pistol grip

Saiga tech trigger guard and SAW grip fastner


considering sight options, open for suggestions


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Hey guys,


Heres my s-20, all im waiting for now are some darn american made mags, id settle for 5 rounders at this point




She has a trijicon Red dot, a surefire, Grip pod gangster grip ( I know it not needed but it looks cool) tapco Collapseable buttstock, tapco saw style pistol grip, self modified handguards with rail, and a Ak-74 style muzzle brake. Have ordered some new handguards from danzig which i think will make it look much better

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Nice! It that a factory 10 round magazine? My conversion parts are on order from Danzig. I'm a little worried about doing the conversion but 'no guts, no glory'.

that isafranken mag imade which works great.I had a really easytime with it but I play with metal all the time as i am a aircraft sheetmetal tech.If you need any advice ask me

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To quote from another thread about the lack of activity in the S-20 forum...


"Here Ye, Here Ye..." Why the bloody-hell is it so quiet here, within the Saiga-20 forums??? Like... I find myself sitting at home almost every day cruising through the new forum postings, counting down the days (okay, so THAT'S a bloody lie, it will be more like months!) until I get my TROMIX Saiga-20 from Tony "the-stud-man" Rumore... which of course the wait is excruciating torture beyond this plain of existence's comprehension.... but no one (apparently no Saiga-20 owners) have anything to say or report about concerning Saiga-20s!!!!!



Well you heard the man! Show em off guys!


And lets please try to keep this just a picture thread for Saiga 20's.






Here's an old pic of mine in an experimental stock from Jeric and an experimental sling design from vjor.




I put a new Russian laminated handguard on it with an upper HG I came up with from an SKS vented one...




...and a new matching laminated Russian buttstock and 50's era Russian PG.












Saiga-20 ~ 22" barrel, factory BHO, rib style sights

Bolt carrier beadblasted by pistonring8

Compliance parts used were:

Tapco G-2 FCG

Tromix gas piston


Saiga 20 still under construction...next I plan to chop the barrel and install a ported polychoke :smoke:

The pencil line behind the fsb is where I'll be cutting the barrel. The ports will need enlarging and I'm currently working on a solution to do this without removing the GB since my HG retainer is "welded" to it.


here's mine.hope u guys like it(yeah,i know,bulky,hu?)






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OK, its a work in progress, but at least I finally made some progress!




Seems like projects take longer to complete than they used to. That's why I eat healthy and exercise.


Eventually, I will paint this one in a nice camo finish. Not sure what, but that is another thing about projects. You get to change your mind along the way.

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No activity = "No hi cap mag's" , that's why.


Who wants to shoot a shotgun that holds the same small 5 round amount as any other shotgun ?


The S12 & S410 have the hi cap's and all the sex appeal and meth zombie killing power, and so we S20 turd's are stuck with 5 round closet queens collecting dust waiting for dear old dad to bring us a 10 or 12 round banana so we too can go out and intimidate the skeet range.


Besides , you ever try to jam an S20 loaded 3" mag into the well for a combat reload , can you say "excuse me Mr gang member can you wait a min while I try to reload, you see my magazine doesn't want to go in smooth and fast, lol.



Ya I know I can spend $400 on a 23 round drum ( and I will , if I can't trade this 20 with it's complete lack of accessories conspiracy off for an S12 )




Ya I know if I cant take out a crowd of Mexican drug runners with a couple 5 round mag's then I should use the shotgun on myself cause I don't deserve to live, BUT I was misled into thinking this was a respected part of the Saiga lineup and it is NOT, it's an orphan soon to be obsolete , dropped from production and forgotten in favor of the big 12, I wish this was hyperbole, but I think I am right.

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Here it is as neutered by Clintoon and Co. ....




Here it is with its evil commie cousin, after the reballectomy...





Mods to date:


Ace 8.5" skeleton stock

Ace Internal Receiver block

Hogue PG

Twister puck

Gunfixr Plug

Lighter weight front spring

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Picked this up from the Birch Run Gun Show yesterday. Got a good price on it, nothing near the $500 they seem to be going for lately so I'm happy. My five year old son kinda helped talk the dealer down with some cute comments, which is good because if it were anywhere north of $430 I wouldn't have bought it due to my being a silly financially responsible individual haha.


I'm very happy with the gun, I've wanted one for a long time! I added the side saddle lastnight, had to mod it a little to get it to fit onto the buttstock and to maintain access to the strap mount. Added the cheap-o sling that I'll replace with a shell holding sling eventually, and I added a tru-glo bead replacement also.







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Here's my item converted myself with lots of help from dinzag, Cobra, and many others here on the forum...This was last year's project along with my brother's s-12 that I did at the same time.

Sorry, Pic wasn't here before...





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