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Just bought a SAIGA-12 22"bbl w/fixed sights. Now looking at modifying it. Looking for mags, buffers, etc. Any good sights and/or suggestions. Also, any way of keeping bolt back? ( Local range requirement. ) Any help would be appreciated.....

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Also, any way of keeping bolt back?

Here is the way... (that is the part from wich this whole website started!!!)




You can get it here in mid-August when i come back to town from the trip to Russia... Sorry for the wait... :unsure:




I will also bring some other cool accessories as well!!!



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I thank you for the help. As far as the Manual Bolt Hold Open piece, is it easy to install? Does it come with a template? Or should I have a Gunsmith install it?

I read a majority of the forum questions and comments and found somemore answers to my questions. Thanks to everyone. Now it is time to start ordering.....

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I'm finally in Russia!!!


If I bring 10 rd mags with me - you are gonna hear a NEWS coverage about a crazy Russian trying to bring some mags in who got arested and got 10 years jail time!!! :) Do not really wanna risk it... (as you understand...)


bonzi - it is not hard to install... It all depends on your skills... I did it myself with no problems...... In the middle of this page are some pics of how i did it... http://www.saiga-12.com/Parts.htm




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