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Saiga accuracy (group size)

Be honest- how accurate is your saiga rifle?  

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  1. 1. Be honest- how accurate is your saiga rifle?

    • One hole in target all day (be honest)
    • around 1" at 100 yds/meters (1moa)
    • Around 2" at 100 yds/meters (2moa)
    • Around 3" at 100 yds/meters (3moa)
    • Around 4" at 100 yds/meters (4moa)
    • More that 4" at 100 yds/meters (4+moa)
    • Do not know

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Two stores in Raleigh have it for $79/440 tin. All over the place online but shipping usually bumps it up to about $100.

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I have no idea what mine shoots, can't wait to try it out. Just picked it up the other day. Mines a 223 model. I did lots of looking here and other places. While looking around I found this pic of a 3 shot 100yd group along with a couple others that were almost as good using a s223.


Better shot than I'll ever be I'm sure. shocked.gif

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I have been trying to develope an accurate load for my Saiga 308 long barrel,so far this has been my best target. 168 gr Sierra Match,42.5 gr of 8208 XBR, Rem primers, OAL 2.800. I have RSA trigger,74 style brake,choate stock, 6-24 scope,and a bipod. Shooting from the bench at 100 yds this is what I got it seems that I get to rambunctious when I start grouping and get over confident sometimes..


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cant wait to get a saiga 5.45x39, waiting on my tax return, then I will give you good info on my 100 yard group.


my Chinese Norinco 7.62x39 would not not do any better than 3.5 inch groups (I usually shoot 8-10 rounds per group)


I added a TWS rail, Burris 4x scope and a tapco G2 trigger,







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Have not scoped mine yet, as I enjoy irons shooting more. Targets below were shot with iron sights on Saiga .223, resting on mag, ammo Wolf MC FMJ .223 and some XM193 thrown in. Top row of targets is 200yd, bottom row 100yd. Ignore the two targets on the right (or don't) as they are from my WASR-10/63. Targets are all printed on 8x11 office paper.


Of course there are a lot of shots hitting off of the paper when shooting at 200yd. Consider that at this point without magnified optics you are basically just aiming at a flea-sized dot, so I'm happy with the results.



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I can place 10 rounds, consistently, inside a 4" bullseye at 50 yards, no-scope or dot.


(The black bullseye is the same width as the front sight blade, at that distance.)


Shooting my 5.45 Saiga, 7n6 surplus, benched, and each round manually chambered, using a two-stage Arsenal Trigger Group.



If you think that it's easy, try it. :)


My 7.62 Saiga, with a Tantal Side-folder, shoots looser groups (but not by much). It has a one-stage Tapco Trigger Group.


It's all the accuracy that I could every need from my AKMs, in this configuration.

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Check your ammo.


I measured Tula and Wolf 7.62x39 and most of them measured .308", not .311". I also tore down a bunch of ammo checking powder charges and bullet weights. I pulled some 7.62x39 Tula down to use the cases to load quality components in. While I was at it I decided to check the powder charge and the bullet weights. As far as the powder goes they fluctuated between 25.1 and 25.6 grains. I did have one measure 23.0 grains but it was so far out of the norm I didn't count it as a good measurement. The bullets also fluctuated by a lot as well. So far out of about 40 pull downs the bullets ranged from 120.6 grains to 124.9 grains in weight. The neck tension also fluctuated substantially, some came out with one whack of the kinetic puller and others took about a 1/2 dozen good hits.

After sorting the pulled bullets by weight and I was able to get 5 bullets that weighed the same out of the two boxes, 40 rounds, I pulled down.

Next I took those 5 bullets that weighed the same and loaded them over exactly 25.4 grains of factory powder. I weighed each and every powder charge to ensure they were exactly the same. And finally I seated those bullets to the same length. I did this to see if these components could be accurate, I suspect it will shoot better than factory ammo but still not as good as quality components.


When I shot them out of a bolt gun I built to shoot 7.62x39 I got a 5 shot group that was well under 1" at 100 yards. The bolt gun has a .308 bore. They shot almost as well as quality powder and bullets. The reworked factory ammo shot way better than the factory ammo. The factory ammo shot 2"-3" with some 4+ inch groups.



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