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Whats up everyone, Just found this forum early today and am enjoying all the reads. I have a 410 for years now and My gun is stock besides the 10 round mag I have for it. I want to add a different stock, pistol grip, etc. Where do I look to buy this stuff for good prices? I cant seem to get the stock off, how do I remove it? I also have seen shorter barrels. Is that a custom thing or can you buy them in different sizes? thanks and take care

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Welcome to the forum! You should go to the Guestbook section of the forum and read through the Technical Section where you will get mucho info on how to do a pistol grip conversion and much other pertinent info. If you're not already familiar, you need to read up on 922r compliance, since once you add a PG you're changing the .410 from a sporter configuration to an assault one, so there are certain parameters to follow to stay legal. The stock is held on by THREE screws, the least obvious one being under the retainer for the recoil spring at the rear trunion. It usually takes some coaxing to get the stock off. The stock .410 only comes in one barrel length. There are many sources for parts--just do a Google for AK parts and it'll cough up lots of places. For starters, check out KVar, Cope Distributing, Centerfire Systems, Global Trades, Krebs Custom, SKS Man.

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Thanks Tritium... I am gonna read some more. Oh yea, thats right, you cant have a pistol grip with a detachable mag, huh...? Good looking out! So do most AK parts fit on these Saiga's? such stocks and grips? Where is this hidden screw, lol?

Well you can have a detachable mag (in most states) but it can't be hi-cap (>10 rds) but that isn't usually a problem wiwth the .410 unless you make some higher caps on your own. Most of the AK stuff for a stamped receiver will fit, furniture wise, but you have to take into account the barrel diameter when looking at lower handguards. Grips and stocks are no problem. Look for the "hidden" screw by popping off the receiver cover and removing the recoil spring. Look at the rear trunion and you will see a screw head there. I'd posted a good pic of an exploded view of a Saiga shotty here: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?act=At...ost&id=9732

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