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What did you pay for your Saiga 12 when you bought it?

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I coughed up $270.00 clams and that came with one mag. The seller fished the second out of the box and tried to sell it to me for $30.00 more.


A buddy cought another seller late in the day at a gunshow and got one of the 19 inch no ribe versions for $240.00 out the door. Now this was a couple of years ago...


I think I will keep my eyes peeled for another.



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I choose a Saiga for my 1st long gun.

Picked up a New S-12 up last week in N. IL for $468. (only 1 5rd clip included.) I am fairly pissed about the useless manual that came with it. It is printed right of the website & the text & figures are so small that only the text is readable even with a magnifier. The figures I have tried to blow up on my computer, but they become so distorted they are worthless! :cryss:



Twenty Minutes on your site has been more helpful than two hours looking at the manual and a half an hour speaking with the people at the gun store ... They know a little about ak's but not much about the Izhmash shotguns.


Also, I was referred to this site by another's topic about field stripping the S-12 & the annoying gas regulator assembly ... Is there a pic walkthrough of reassembly?




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I'll see about making some close up shots for little things like that. Probably will get something up this weekend (sorry...just have to wait).



As for the gas piston up front....couldn't be simpler.


1) there's a small area up front where a piston slides back and forth (about the size of $1.50 in quarters stacked).

2) the end cap is labeled "1" and 2". ---1 is for high power loads because it cuts off more gas flow, ---2 is for normal use.

Once you pull it out and orientate it in your hand with each of the positions you can see that oversized-chisel shape and see what I mean.

3) to remove that end cap you simply have to press in the small button with a pen or tip of something and unscrew the cap/regulator. Sometimes you can hand loosen, sometimes need a small screwdriver or perhaps a decent coin to get it started (use a quarter).


**Key point.

When assembling or just adjusting as needed, screw the end cap ALL the way in while you have that button depressed completely. THEN back it out to either the 1st or 2nd position where it clicks in place with that button. Regardless of the position you use, you want to make sure you have the best seal possible and NOT keep backing it out by increments each time you change load types. And yes, you will get some powder residue in there (its a shotgun ya know).

The end cap regulator is SHAPE inside will regulate gas flow -if you have it back out too far, you essentially will not be cutting of that gas effectively and therefore what is the point?


**Key point 2

Dont run slugs and 00 buckshot while on position 2. You are risking damage to the gun. There are plenty of other articles around here on that topic.



As for basic field stripping, its like most other AK series rifles. Most people will not need to strip past a basic fieldstrip. Do you need that info too?




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Thanks Whatmanual. I have learned the virtue of patience over the years ... so I have no problem waiting for the weekend. lol If you have the time to take some pics of field stripping the S-12 that would be awesome!



Dammit is it the weekend yet? :angel: j/k Although the neighbors made some snowmen that could be great targets, We should have some more snow next week & then I can shoot my own snowmen for target practice.



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1170 + EOTech from Tromix. Most I ever spent on a gun so far, but it was worth it to me since not only does it look top notch, Im in a studio right now and dont really have the room for a workshop do mods on my own. Nice looking product + excellent customer service = Saiga-12 SBS for me this summer!

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I just got 2 new Saigas this week. I paid $420 for the rifle sight model, then today paid $150 for the vent rib model....well, traded 1k rds 7.62x39 plus a SAR1 AK and then the $150. I still think both were great deals. With the word the prices are going up, I figured I couldnt wait any longer.

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It's not what you pay to get your gun, it's all the money you pay for stuff to get for your gun after you buy it!


Saigas will get you through times of no money, better than money will get you through no Saigas!

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