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RPK sight for Saiga

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I have one on my .308. I haven't had the time to figure out all of the elevation markings on it yet, there are many more than on my stock one. I'll try to find a pic, if you'd like.

I got it from K-var a few months ago.


Respectfully posted,

Guido2 in Houston

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There was a special run of them imported that were calibrated to the 16 inch barrel.For the long barrel Saiga a standard RPK rear sight might be close enough.For the caliber normal this is calibrated in the base(rear sight block) and usually but not always the rear sight leaves are the same for 7.62,5.45 and 223.

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they all go on and off the same . K-var's the best place to look for it . Global Trades used to carry them , wont hurt to call .


In my opinion, it will hurt to call Global Trades. IMO, don't waste your valuable time with Global Trades. Why? One example: they still advertise this windage-adjustable rear sight (item B-761):




Guess what? More than three months ago (in November 2006), I ordered & paid for the windage-adjustable sight blade pictured - and they shipped me a non-windage-adjustable sight blade (not pictured). When I advised them (by phone) of their error, they refused to correct my order (or their web site photo, as you can see from their current - Feb. 20 - web site).


Post a photo of one thing, and sell/ship another (and decline to correct the 'error,' even 3 months after being informed of it) - draw your own conclusions about the ethics and/or competency of the folks at Global Trades...


Your mileage may vary, etc., etc.

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I have one on mine. It's handy for sure. I THINK the variance for the different calibers are made into the rear sight base, not the actual rear sight (as Koevoet says above). I've only used mine out to 300 meters though, so I can't say how it would do beyond that.

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