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reciever cover popping off

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Hi everyone,


I'm new to shotguns and new to saigas so please be forwarned...


I recently purchased a saiga 12 gauge and on about the 3rd shot out of my second mag the reciever cover popped off.


I thought it might be a fluke so I put it back on and fired some more. However, it continues to pop off every 3rd or 4th shot.


I really like this shotgun and I don't want to scrap it. So, is there any way to fix this, and how do I do it?


Any info would be greatly appreciated. Just let me know if there's another thread that thoroughly addresses this subject.



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I don't know is it helpful or not but


1. You must depreserve the gun first (with kerosene for example) and to oil it with appropriate gun lubricant. Gun comes with presevants (like grease) need to be removed.

please read thread here



2. You need to check gas port regulator position. It should be "1" for magnum loads (3" shells) and "2" for ordinary (2 3/4") shells. Actually most of the Saigas can reload 2 3/4" shells with "Magnum" regulator position (i.e. "1") except for sporting shells with lighten load in low temperature conditions. You should NEVER use "2" for magnum or you can got injury or worse. Some manuals unfortunately has this critical moment misprinted.


3. You should check your reciever cover sits tight in proper position and locked.

(example here: http://archer42.narod.ru/CoverLocked.htm )

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it sounds like there is "extra space" in the bolt action. is all the packing grease out of it yet? what year is it? old ak's had that problem from manufacutered parts being combined from russia way back. you might have a mismatched actiontho because your weapon is new so to speak, and i think parts problem if its not excess grease. NO grease should be on ANY of the gun....totally dry on first round out. you HAVE to strip any weapon completely BEFORE you shoot it. no it wont harm it after a "few" but it will after a "lot" of rounds. is there any grease on it anywhere? AK actions are scary, but extremely reliable. you are in error, or you have broken parts....talk LOL :)

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