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This is the tacked 308 picture thread.

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My linkGot the conversion done with the CSS kit yesterday I didn't have a chance to take it to the range but I did have paint I didn't want just another black gun soooo I also had masking tape so let me know what you think You have to go to the link cuz I've not figured out how to post the pic yet Edited by traveler55
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Updated the look thanks to some new parts    

Saiga 308 by AZArmory    

Did a little custom work to the ole' 308.             For the Gas Tube. I took out the spot welds and move to the front of the Tube and re spot welded. Top wood was cut back on t

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Guess I better join the crowd, here are a couple of mine, still working on it but enjoying every moment of it. Getting a better scope is a must, this one is decent on short range but sucks at the longer ones.

post-26718-023605000 1284172727_thumb.jpg



Here it is after conversion with its siblings.





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I just put a YHM Phantom 5C2 on my 16" 308. I bought the 5/8 x 24 and re-threaded it to 17x1. As soon as the weather and time permits I plan on doing a night shoot video with and without it to show the difference. I know it is working to some extent because now I am unable to see the fireball in full daylight like I could before....but only a night shoot will really show how much it works.


The 5C2 is a flash hider/compensator. The way it accomplishes the "brake" action is by redirecting the gasses upward to reduce muzzle climb. It is indexed and it does not have slots on the bottom to prevent kicking up dust or dirt when firing from a prone position.





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Here's my new V-21. Really Like this rifle. Now I need to get a decent scope and shoot it a bunch.



Nice first post... Welcome to S12.com


I love my S.308-ver.21 too.


I used Burris Extreme Tactical .75" rings atop a TWS Dog Leg Rail with a 'Vortex Viper 2-7x32'.





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My first 308. Custom stock from BRG3. AK74 style muzzle brake.



Nice buttstock, makes for a good cheek weld with scoped AK, +1

Unknown make/model of AK74 style comp/brake, +/- unknown.

Shitty unconverted trigger, no pistol grip, and no iron sights, -3

Overall rating -2





Just fucking with ya :angel: Where ya at here in LA? I'm in Mobile, lets go shooting! :smoke:

Edited by ChileRelleno
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That's a Bushmaster muzzle brake. I worked on the trigger to make it lighter and crisper.


I'm in Foley, so we're not that far apart.



do all you want to the factory trigger but it will still be crap. just my 2 cents.


I didn't find the stock trigger all that bad, really. Just a long and odd pull, but certainly workable in a pinch. Hell, I have met guys who actually changed a stock Glock trigger to the 8 lb. NY kit because they preferred it. Different strokes.


Here's my latest iteration ... 18" barrel, PWS FSC30 brake, K-var NATO length stock and rubber pad, Tac Ops stock pack, Nikon Monarch 3-10 mildot scope, blah blah blah ...


Shot two sub 1" groups Monday morning but only for three rounds, then they opened up. But it looks like I have finally gotten it to 2 MOA for ten, which has always been the goal. Glad I didn't give up on it. The target in the pic is not from Monday, though. That was zeroing with my bolt gun loads, which formerly shot 5" groups thru the Saiga but now do around 2".



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Here's my 308, I'm pretty happy with everything but the trigger pull. Once I started shooting past 300 yards, I noticed that the factory trigger pull is too long and awkward- for serious longe range shooting, but after I drop in a G2 AK trigger, I'm confident in 800 yard shots. For what it's worth, the factory configuration as is (with the stock rifle buttstock) works fine. But once you put a pistol grip on it, if you're deciding not to gunsmith your rifle and move the trigger forward, it's still a good idea to buy a drop in conversion trigger. I used SGM, TapCo, Magpul and UTG components in my configuration, along with the HIDEOUS bullet button that comes off and on incredibly fast and easy (stupid California legality). A variable rubberized 3x9x40 illuminated sniper scope by NCstar (great deal on ebay). The overall rifle weighs quite a bit, but unless you have a handicap or dainty girl arms,and the rifle serves it's purpose. I'd like to take it hunting, and get some real use out of the rifle, because this IS NOT THE GUN TO PLINK WITH. Although exhilirating it may be to slam out 10 .308 rounds in a few seconds, it's like burning dollars bills... so if you're considering this gun over an AR 15 for your battle rifle, don't fool yourself, it's heavy and big. Even with a 16 inch barrel, the rifle is hefty. So buy the AR. This is great for slamming holes in 3/4 inch steel, hunting big game (so I hear), and just fine for shots inside of 1000 yards.



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I wanted to be a little different. Figured wood and metal looks good together, Bakelite pistol grip was a close match to the wood. Ribbed top cover, polished bolt, replaced gas tube for AK74 type modified heavily. Lower hand guard retainer is a heavily modified AK-47 retainer, whole rifle is painted with heat/chemical resistant machine paint.





Photobucket for nonmembers.


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Here's my .308, like most of you, no matter how often it's posted, "enough is never enough...."


16" carbine originally w/ factory thumbhole Drag-type stock

RPK windage adjustable rear sight

IOR Valdada CQB scope and mount (Vepr model mount)

Badass Dinzag lower handguard retainer w/ AK gas tube and AKM US made furniture (K-var)

RSA single hook FCG

Tromix gas piston wanting to be in the party, but Guido couldn't get the old one out...

Ace SOCOM adjustable stock w/ hinge on internal Ace block and 1" recoil pad (It's a "spacer", dammit!)

TDI grip (I think...from Ace)


Greta the GWP Rescue says "Hi!"




I need to disassemble the lower HG and paint the exposed S/S heat shield black....





These are before my Dinzag handguard transformation....



Guido2 in Houston



Hello Guido

I see where you said you had to paint the SS heat shield in your lower handguard. Did you have to modify it any to clear the .308 barrel? Dinzag said I needed to remove it for it to fit the .308. I'm also converting mine and I like the looks of those handguards.

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My 308 from Tromix with our new billet forearm. Quad top rail available very soon.


uhhh.....I want! How much and when is it available? I just ordered a doo dad from you today and would have put that forearm in my cart had I seen THAT.


EDIT> Ooops, just saw it on yer front page. Very nice. Order placed.

Edited by Crow
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How soon is soon on the top rail, and how much? Keep us posted for sure. Me thinks that might just have to go on mine.

I am hoping to have the top rails in 3-4 weeks. Not sure on the price yet.

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my saiga hunting rifle

Where did you get the hand guard items from? And what is the story on the bayonet? Not that I'm looking to install one it just looks cool. My first thought is that real? Good looker for sure.

Edited by brokenfeather
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So here she is. I've been surfing the site for some time now and am slowly converting my S308 to a SHTF blast a zombie rifle.

Future plans are to replace the TAPCO stock with something better built. 'Rattles' to much for my likes.

Rework the trigger guard to fit tight against mag release frame.(Not at the top of the list)

Mount picatinny rail on the bottom forward area of hand guard.

Replace barrel clamp bi-pod with spring tension bi-pod mounted via picatinny rail.

Re-pin front sight further back on barrel.

Thread barrel & add brake (havn't made up my mind on one, but do like how the Trommix one looks)

Replace 4x scope with higher quality 3-9x scope

Powder coat receiver an undetermined color.

Finally break down and buy a sling.






Sorry for the crappy pic.. Used the good ol' cell phone!

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