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This is the tacked 308 picture thread.

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Updated the look thanks to some new parts    

Saiga 308 by AZArmory    

Did a little custom work to the ole' 308.             For the Gas Tube. I took out the spot welds and move to the front of the Tube and re spot welded. Top wood was cut back on t

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Crowak how did threading those barrels go with using the 5/8x24?


Also I met a nice gun nut at the local gun store and bot only is he a gun nut he's a saiga nut, so he's got a .308 and loaned me the de and thread starting tool! So crowak I won't the tools anymore.


But I know my barrel is .670 an it's a 5/8x24 die and was wondering how it worked out for you? And also was the sight a bitch to get off the barrel? Mine was a total pain in the ass. I ended up using heat and a brass rod to beat the whole living hell out of it. I'll say this my gun will need a Duracoat or ceorkoat for sure.

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the 08 one had a tapered barrel end as was easy to thread, but the 09 wasn't tapered and took more work just to get it ready.


the front sights came off using a dead blow hammer no problem.

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The end of my barrel is a little but smaller than the part between the end and the step up. I wouldn't say tapered but smaller at the tip. I got an adjustable die I'll be doing it this morning with a master machinist for help so I shouldn't have any problems. I got the sight back on but it's canted I'm hoping the shop press will be easier than banging on it with a hammer.

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Well I gotgood news and bad news this morning. The bad news my barrel is too big to be threaded with a 5/8x24 die. Good news my uncle has a lathe big enough to thread the barrel between centers and will be indexed off the bore with out removing the barrel. So I'll have threads accurate enough for a silencer!!

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Deployments keep getting in the way of me completing my 21” Saiga 308.


This is how far I got before my recent trip. I was looking for an affordable .308 and these get pretty good reviews as far as battle rifle accuracy and reliability go. I got the base rifle around 3 years ago when they could be had in the mid $400 range. The conversion was simple enough. The hardest part was the front end. As you may know, the FSB has a step inside of it that requires boring out so the front mounting pin can be moved back to the rear pin hole. The diameter of my barrel at the muzzled needed to be turned down in order to thread it 5/8-24 and I also re-cut the crown to 11 degrees. It is nice to have a friend with a lathe. I also used his mill to vent the factory handguard while I was at it.






I had been waiting for RS Regulate to produce their dedicated 1-4 scope mount so I could mount my 1-4X as low as possible. While their new modular mount is nice, it will have too many separate parts for my liking to meet my requirement. Now that MI has released their version, I will probably go that route to mount my Burris M-TAC that has been waiting patiently in its box. For anyone who cares, here are the rest of the components I used in the build.


Red Star Arms adjustable trigger and FCG retainer plate

Vltor AR stock adapter

Magpul MOE stock and enhanced butt-pad (1/2” cheek riser not pictured)

U.S. Palm grip

AR-10 Flash Suppressor


The same friend with the lathe and mill donated the Versa-Pod. I attached a piece of GG&G rail to the front of the forearm with a M60 sling swivel underneath it. Along with the factory magazine I have a couple Surefire synthetic 20 round magazines which are OK but, I have since bought 4 CSSpecs 20rnd steel magazines.


Wpns Man


Not sure why pictures aren't loading. There, fixed it.

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My 22" it has future plans only have the doe to use parts I already had on it. 18" barrel with AMD or 74 style brake planned. Gonna scope it side mount 4 power and attach bipod to receiver. Looking for PSL furniture.


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Here are a few pics of my .308 build. Kind a of PSL mash up.











I like it man. I want to do this with a PSL scope and AK mount. I also want to use the PSL upper HG so I have a gas tube with a loose endcap I have tapped all the way down the gas tube. I will try to shape the PSL upper "gotta shave a little off" to fit. Anyway nice rifle!

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Well I've always wanted a x54 or .308 AK and just so happened good fortune smiled on me. Thought I wanted a long barrel but after playing with this short barrel I really like it. It'll never be a 600+ gun but at 500 in its all good.
It was converted poorly by previous owner so I stripped it down and started over. Have a few things left to do (grip & optics) but it's pretty much done.
Here it is with my Draco SBR and recently acquired Saiga 12.
Details: Saiga 308-1, Ace stock, CSS internal block, 14.5" barrel with perm K-Var 74 brake. MD Arms Molot grip in the mail, MI side rail coming and TBD glass. 


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My Saigas- 12 and 308. The 308 has g2 trigger, DPMS stock, surefire mags, custom comp, TWS gen 2 scope mount/rail, and BSA red/green dot optic. About to order a new tril rail-probably the Tapco intrafuse.



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My Rifle Dynamics rebuilt in 2013, Saiga .308. Purchased in 2009 for approx $500. I'm still experimenting with the optics, though this is on a hi rise Belarus mount, it does work well for me and the Leupold Vari-X III







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Alright guys! So after our tax return came in, I was FINALLY able to purchase my scope.




So here's the current configuration (minus the bipod) before I get some more $$$ to send it off to Rifle Dynamics to cut the barrel to 18", thread for brake, repaint, and smoothing up the action.


I got an SWFA 1-6 (SWEET scope for $1k) and some Nightforce Ultralite rings to go with it. I'm hoping to get out to the range soon to see what she can do!


I don't even want to mention how much I've put into this thing so far... But I'm sure most of you can add it up if you wanted lol


Thank you guys for the help with all my questions before, during, and after the conversion! It was very much appreciated!


If you guys have any questions about anything on my rifle, I'll be glad to answer them.


Here are a few more pictures:







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