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This is the tacked 308 picture thread.

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Updated the look thanks to some new parts    

Saiga 308 by AZArmory    

Did a little custom work to the ole' 308.             For the Gas Tube. I took out the spot welds and move to the front of the Tube and re spot welded. Top wood was cut back on t

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fossten, hey no fair! you got a cooler p-grip than me!

i would love to put a galil type front handguard on mine but i want to still use the bipod.

any suggestions?


Yeah, I have two:


1. Get a bipod that attaches around the barrel - I know they make those.

2. Skip the bipod and focus more on being a rifleman.


That extra weight on the front has to be really heavy for off hand shooting anyway. I like the supported idea with a scope (i.e. sniper) but I'd rather have flexibility in location. The bipod limits the flexibility of the rifle.


I also wanted a galil handguard but I quickly realized it would confuse the rifle, which has been "AR'd." :rolleyes: I still may convert my AK74 to galil style, though.

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I think he popped out the pins and slid it back where the front hole lines up with the rear notch, and then just pinned it once. If so, I'm sure he plans to drill another notch in the barrel for the rear hole in the sight block.

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It's a work in progress but here it is so far





Here is a pic of my meticulously handcrafted FS/GB It started out a blob of welded crap and I carved it to shape with a carbide burr and some small diamond files.I have also leveled the RSB and FS/GB square to the receiver with bubble levels and bigger cross pins and will use a laser bore sighter to confirm before finishing the rifle.



Current Upgrades:

Dinzag's Handguard Retainer

AK100 forend(bored out to fit and S308 barrel)

Custom Grip

18" Barrel turned and threaded 14x1LH

Custom FS/GB

New in wrap AK74 Gas Tube

Modified Arsenal USA trigger Group(short travel,very light and smooth)

FBMG 24rd mags(not pictured but that's right 24rds I made a special follower;))

Blackjack Buffer

Smith Enterprises 3 piece Muzzle Brake(not pictured)



Next on the list:

AK74 Thread adapter honed then TIGed to FS/GB with special jig for concentricity

RPK74 Windage Adjustable Rear Sight

M16 front sight and special sight drum

K-Var AK100 Polymer Folder

Jeric Extended Mag Release

SWIFT Extended Selector

Flash Hider(haven't decided which one yet)

1-4 power optic(haven't decided which one yet)

OTB Picatinny Rail Mount(haven't decided which one yet)


Light Charcoal Parkerizing



Dummy Suppressor that works as a barrel tensioning device?

Custom Saiga Feed Tower for 7.62N C-Mag?

Possible Registered SBR Conversion?

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Here's a couple more that I almost forgot that went the way of the dodo before there were hicap mags available(should have just kept them).




Here's a 7.62x39 that now resides with a good friend



Here's one I walked my best friend through the build(his first)



Here's a closeup up my first FS/GB I did for the 7.62x39



Here's a pic of the perfect alignment of the FS/GB(it hit POA at dead center on the front sight adjustment)



Here's my latest attempt at an FS/GB for my S308



Here's my first Saiga12 when it was in progress,it only cost $198 back then



Here's another Saiga12 that I adapted USAS12 mags for


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  • 4 weeks later...









Wood is handmade out of Pacific Coast Curly Maple.


The finish is Tung Oil with a French Polish (thin shellac) and paste wax.


Grip, sling and bipod are Polish.


Magazine is a modified 12 round 308 Galil.


Trigger is an RSA adjustable.


Did the welding myself with a FCAW (not exactly the best choice).


edit - Pictures can't even begin to show what this wood does. It's a full on hologram.


I'm gonna do a video soon, but you really need to see it in person.


Shift between these two to get the idea.




This mag is a prototype that I modded by building up metal with the pos-FCAW.


I am going to come up with a better method using welded on bits of steel.

I'll try to do something that can be measured, drawn up, and easily reproduced from hardware store stock.

I will post a how-to when I have it figured out.


The Galil 308 mags need major 4 changes:


1. Grind down 1 thickness of the doublethick area at the front of the mag, you can leave about 3/4" at the bottom.

2. Grind down the top front to clear the trunnion (same as doing a Bulgy waffle for a 1/2 modified 223.)

3. Add a chunk of steel for a bullet ramp / front locking lug.

4. Grind off original catch at rear and weld on new one.


The Galil mag has a couple of advantages over the M-14 mag.


1. The inward bead that kicks the cartridge toward the center works better on the Galil mag.

I think an M-14 Mag might work well if you could bend the lips down more, to get the mag higher in the well, in order to get more of that bead into play.

2. You can grind away the extra thickness at the front of the Galil mag.

The M-14 looks like you either need to cut out that part altogether, or squish it in. (which could impact the smoothness of the followers movement)


You can buy Galil 12 rounders for $20 at whatacountry.com and 25 rounders for $100 at ohiorapidfire (too rich for my blood)


Here are some threads on this rifle. Please post any other questions in one of these. Thanks.


Thread on Saiga-12

Thread on AK Forum

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I'm a big fan of the curly maple too...


What did you need to do to the galil mags to get them to work in the saiga?





"Here are some threads on this rifle. Please post any other questions in one of these. Thanks.


Thread on Saiga-12................. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=19805

Thread on AK Forum "............... http://www.akforum.net/phpBB2/login.php?re...ad77cf4987195f0

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Hey guys, thought I'd post a pic of mine. Much thankz to Dinazg for the parts and ideas.




In CA, rifles with detachable mags can't have pistol grips, flash hiders, and those other goodies. So I fitted a shotgun stock to match the handguards.

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Hi. This is my 308 her name is Elena.

Spacial thanks to Dinzag and Matt (Ironwood).Going hunting after tomorrow,so Dragunov butstock will be added in 2-3 weeks.



i can start...yea, i know i need some 20rnders. soon.







edit 4/26: my server canceled my account. pictures back soon.

edit 5/6: fixed!





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Hello everyone I'm new here, got a couple pics to add.


Wow, thats really nice. What is the deal with your barrel, has it been shortened?


Thanks! Yes, to the legal limit of course.

Just shot it last weekend for the first time and i love it, by far my best AK in the collection.

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Im still waiting for my friends tools and assistance to finish the conversion... but its looking awesome right now! im not sure what stock im going to put on it yet, since this is my main hunting rifle I might get a matching dragunov stock.



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