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MD/VA Dealers with Saiga-12's in Stock

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I want to pick up a Saiga-12 but am having a problem finding a local dealer that has them in stock and won't have to do a special order.....I live in Southern Maryland, work in Northern Virginia, and travel to Baltimore often....can anyone clue me in on someone that's got them? Dark Sun was selling them at the last show at the Dulles Expo center in VA but they refuse to sell anything....and I mean anything.....even C&R bolt gun....to a Maryland resident...TIA...

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Thanks Wicked, I'll give Blueridge a call or drop them an email.


Cadgerattler, why did you have to wait 10 days in MD, I thought the Saiga-12 was just considered a shotgun, not an "assault weapon"?


Hardcorps, how much did Potomac Arms charge you, that's close to my office and would be easier if I had to order one.

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For some reason the peoples republik of maryland has decided that all SAIGA's are 'controlled' weapons, 10 day wait, only 1 in a 30 day period. Same as handguns or AK's.We have some fu%$#@-up laws! I really encourage all marylanders to join TRIPWIRE,and to keep the pressure on annapolis. If we can toss another half dozen a$$holes out of office maybe they will get the message!



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