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T6 stock + Ergo PG without moving trigger assembly

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So, after going back to the gun show, I came home with a T6 stock and a rubberized Ergonomic PG with thumbrest. I positioned them up to my gun and was surprised at how close the PG bolt hole came to lining up with the rear trigger guard hole. . I decided to try it out and put the T6 on and drilled a hole up through to line up with the PG bolt hole. . The result is. . ..




To change a few things, like the stock not closing up to the shortest setting due to the "overhang" of the ergo PG, I used a utility knife to shave the PG down to a more contoured shape. I sealed the PG with some epoxy that I'm going to file down smooth and paint with a flat black paint so that it isn't so ugly. The "slots" at the front of the T6, I'm going to fill with the same epoxy and sand it smooth to paint as well, the location of the bolt hole went right through the "thin part" of those "slots" and kinda flared the inside of the "slots" so I wanted something hard that would reinforce that bolt hole without the bolt breaking through the side of the slot. Today I picked up a T6 rubberized stock extension to make up for the little bit of reach that the stock has for my arm length. It feels pretty good now :)


Further plans are a raised front sight, muzzle brake, slotted handguard, and to buy an extra mag to cut and paste to make a 2 capacity one (3 max capacity for deer season here in OH) and a 6 capacity one.


Here is a paint variety of the changes and an updated picture of the shaved PG and T6 rubber stock extension.






Any suggestions of what to fill those "slots" with? and any experiences with those silver bears that I have, good and accurate? haven't gotten to shoot any yet. I want something accurate and hard hitting for deer this fall. I did the math, 97 grain is just over .22 of an ounce, the Winchester Super X are 1/4 ounce, a touch heavier but a great deal more expensive($4 for 5 @ Wally World) with the price on those silver bears ($19 for 50)


The velocity rating is also a bit of a difference as well.


Silver Bear = 1607 fps

Win Super X = 1800 fps


I'll do some shooting myself and make the final decision. any other ammo out there that I should concider?


Thanks in advance!


Oh yeah, the part of a finger that I lost was drilling the bottom hole in the T6. . . seems I had some cheap drill bits and one literally melted and twisted around itself and jumped across my gun catching my finger and chewing up the side of it before catching the leg of my pants and twisting them up while scratching my leg as well. . . . Ouch!

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I personally have not shot a deer with the Silver Bears, but I have a friend that killed a nice sized doe out of his Saiga .410 at about 45 yards with a shot to the neck with them.

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