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no but at least its not to high tho!!!



well i think that's my point...i wanted one that i could see under well enuff to use the iron sights too...if i wanted a low mount i wouldn't have bought this one...i have another that has the 1" rings integrated into the mount....it is much lower...too low for what i wanted to use it for....in addition the red dot i have mounted on it is a 30mm tube....so i needed one with a weaver mount....

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Now im just waiting on the mail!!! I think I have a tasco propoint in a box somewhere here to try it with until my sight comes. I have to buy a good cam to take some pic's when I'm done.




yeah the TASCO pdpv5 **or something like that...i forget the model #...** is what i have on my saiga....the BSA is on the mossberg persuader....***...I'M SO CONFUSED...***.....and the height of the tasco is perfect....mounted the HI_VIS green fiber optic dot front sight before i mounted the red dot scope....which is why i wanted so badly to still be able to use the iron sights......i'll post a pic soon....got a camera just need to snap a few pics....

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Well my mount came in the mail yesterday & I put it on as soon as I opened it. Took all of 30 seconds to install (had to adjust the little nut for a tight fit) Ill have a digital camera up and going soon as I get the little adapter card thing but the rail rest about 1\4 inch above the receiver cover. SO other than taking a month to finally get my weaver mount I am happy with the product very beefy, & locks tight.

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i picked mine up a week ago, 19", I love it

this shotgun is one of the best cqb weapons i have seen, besides the 1911 carbine

i'm looking for somthing with faster target acquisition, i don't want to scope somthing

i will only be using at 25m max range

but i am looking for ghost ring sights, or even those colored fiber optic sights

if you run into what i am looking for let me know, i would appreciate it

good shooting

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Actually.... ATN Ultra sight (on the first page of this thread) and a Belarussian mount (what you called a *cheap* mount) would go really well together considering that they were made under the same roof!!!!!! Yep! That is right - ATN Ultra sight IS made in Belarus! I just visited the factory a week ago - I was REALLY surprised to find out that ATN Ultra sights are made there!!!


Got me a sight for $75 and a mount for $10... hehe... I feel like I have visited haven! I do not think it's a BAD buy for :dollar: 85... :smoke:


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hey jackhammer

I can see from your pic that you have the K-Var , KV-04 mount..is that the KV-04"S" or the standard KV-04? :unsure: ..on the K-Var website the mount they have pictured as the "S" model is labeled the same as yours (without the "S")and I'd hate to order the wrong one :eek: ..good looking gun by the way :smoke: ...

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$144.95  ...is this a good price for what it is? thanks

Nope! $119 or less would be a *normal* price since this is a 1st generetion improved sight... (that had some minor problems...) For the same price you can get the latest model!!!


Read THIS thread!

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I agree with mickporno , i have shot in competition only to see guys comming up with state of the art gear bolted to their guns and still shoot bad , the guy pulling the trigger is more important than the accessories he owns. if you got it you got it if you aint you aint.



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I know its a little late but this is an interesting read and be nice to bring it back to life, somewhat? lol


Also, i agree, the iron site isnt at all too bad, was hitting an iron plate measuring 6x2inch and 6-7/10 shots hit at 150 yards, not too shabby on my first outing on a 223 21"

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