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Reply to Sarah Brady

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This is a copy of my reply to Sara Brady. It will probably get deleted by some staffer before anyone gets to read it so i thought i would post it here so that someone would get to see it.



Dear Sarah Brady


You really should READ the replies people give to your polls before you start spamming their mail boxes. Just because I took part in your poll doesn't mean that I agree or support you. I am adamantly PRO GUN and I voiced that opinion in your poll. Furthermore I refuse to support your cause or stand idly by while people like you try and deprive me of the right to defend my family. Thank you for the advice to ACT NOW though. Personally to me that means that I need to send more letters to congress and the senate letting my politicians know how I feel about the issue and broadening my support for the NRA.

The world is a dangerous and violent place.Do I make the world dangerous by owning firearms? No I do not. Criminals are the people who make it violent and dangerous. The short definition of a criminal is " people who break the law:" .They have shown their disrespect of the law by being criminals. Do you honestly believe that a criminal cares if they break another law? I sincerely hope that you aren't that misguided.

"There is never a cop around when you need one" This is a very old and true saying. The police can't be everywhere for every one. It just isn't possible. I have friends in the law enforcement community. Several of who are trained and teach CCW courses at almost no charge because they feel that people have the right and obligation to defend themselves and their families.

I am just a simple man living a peaceful life and trying to get by. Who are you to dare and try to keep me from defending my family while you hire armed bodyguards to protect yourself? I find it very strange and disturbing that for someone so against firearms you find it necessary to hire armed guards. I do not have that luxury.


p.s. Please remove me from your mailing list.


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Nice letter. You hit the appropriate points. Cops can't be everywhere and would we want enough police presence that they could? Would look like a police state.


My son is a street cop and on one shift he was the supervisor. A street stop started to smell bad to him so he called for backup (one officer per patrol car here in Albuquerque, NM). It took 10 min for HIM to get backup so what hope do you think you have of a cop stoping a thug from invading your home and killing you if you don't defend yourself? Slim and none as you are well aware.


The anti gun crowd are hypocrites. They need protection like VA. Sen Webb whose bodyguard was arrested for illegally carrying in the Congress. Chuckie Schumer's bodyguard the same some time ago. Webb isn't anti gun but Schumer is a real prize.


Keep up the good work. Don

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-Also got one of their emails today. Responded:


Dear Ms. Brady-


I must vehemently oppose your movement to violate the Second Amendment rights as granted by the US Constitution. I am a collector of both modern and antique/curio firearms, and enjoy target shooting and competition matches. Your movement does nothing but remove firearms from the hands of law abiding citizens, and leaves us open to being victims of criminals who obviously circumvent laws to obtain their weapons. You need to refocus your energies and efforts towards enforcing current firearms laws and penalties to those who obtain and use firearms illegally.


Your arguments are pathetically twisted and biased to further your own cause. What part of the phrase "...shall not be infringed upon...." do you not understand?


Please remove me from your mailing lists.


Most sincerely,



-These people are so hypocritical it's rediculous.

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i wonder if they count everyone on their mailing list as a 'supporter' when lobbying for their 'cause'.


would be cool to put their confusion in the public light. It might detract from the perceived credibility they gain through numbers.



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here's the letter ( sent





I too was shocked by the recent decision repealling the onerous & unconstitutional restrictions imposed on the residents of DC.

The residents of our capital don't deserve to have their God given, Constitutionally guarranteed right to keep & bear arms restored.

After all, they failed to exercise them against the petty tyrants that disarmed them.


In good conscience I can not support your attempts to attack my rights or deprive future generations of the ability to defend themselves from criminals & despots.


I will not be contributing to the NRA, either. They aren't willing to utterly defeat you & your fellow travelers.


My donations will be going to Gun owners of America & Jews for the protection of Firearms as these 2 organizations refuse to compromise & see no reason to surrender freedoms that have been paid for in blood by better Americans than you.






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I just kept my reply simple and to the point:


"HAHAHA, The unconstitutional ban will soon be history. Eat it bitch! I hope you and your fellow traitors get BONE CANCER!"


Damn V, That was so cold it dropped 10 degrees at MY house! LOL!

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Dear Ms. Bradey. YOur husband got shot up by REVOLVERS and not by rifles. Of course, you knew that if you tried to ban revolvers you would have been lynched, as they are as part of our heritage as a Winchester Lever Action rifle. So, some freak gave you money and whispered to you "Hey, lets ban assault guns, you be our poster girl, we pay you lots of money and we get you to lie to the public, politicians and media." You agreed.

Considering that this is called a political prostitution, you should recognise damn well your own moral levels and the depth of disgrace and dishonesty to witch you have sunk. How does it feel making money off your husbands injury? I bet you like the attention and the money that the SS thugs are paying you so they can disarm us. Please, realize that others know the truth about you and you can't hide from yourself. Now, go and meditate on your shortcomings and try to find a bit of discency left in the cesspool that you call your soul.


Have a nice day.

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