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I remember this guy in the news a few years ago killing some hunters w

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I heard on the news back then that it was an sks. They were wrong. That just goes to show how little law enforcement knows about properly identifying weapons. A swat team member on the tv show Dallas Swat called Winchester Black Talon pistol rounds armor piercing cop killers.

That was rather dumb. I guess that is why there is a firearms expert with the Wisconsin State Crime Lab.






A tool mark and firearms expert with the Wisconsin State Crime Lab testified Wednesday that all 14 of the 7.62 by 39 mm bullet casings found at the scene came from Vang's Russian-made Saiga rifle.


William Newhouse also testified that the clip used for the semiautomatic weapon only held 10 rounds, implying that Vang stopped to reload at one point in the minutes-long ambush.

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yes, they were wrong.


any "expert" can cleary identify a saiga on-sight. they arent THAT rare. give me a break, already.


btw, vang already admitted to reloading once, and then throwing out his remaining ammo into a swamp after he realised what he just did. this proves shock. he stated this without a lawyer or other type of attourney.


I would like to note that this was an american (brought to us through a war, and proven with his servie and citizenship), disputing another american's (the people that he tresspassed thier land) property rights.


this is one of the ONLY times you are allowed by law to brandish a firearm. FYI. look it up yourself, if you dont believe me...


your land and people's perception of it, are not a thing to be trifled with lightly. I deal with this every day at my fathers house.


vang would be dead where I live. he should feel fortunate in every day he has. he lost it, hes gotta pay. he sererd, he knows how we are. he became one of us. he knows the punishment. that might be why he admitted he stopped and "threw the ammunition in the next mag into the swamp".


if he is a real american, he will continue to fess up, and take what is due. that is really what needs doing. I am sure the man will pay oblidgingly, too.

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I'm from Wisconsin and race super stocks with a family member of the murdered. My only hope is that the one of the inmates with the biggest shooter :killer: finds him and falls in :wub::o and makes it "the longest night of his life" :cryss: (The Bob and Tom show). Every night untill :ded: MAY HE LIVE A LONG TIME! :devil:

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