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Wound up cuffed on the concrete last night

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Pyzik let me put it this way,

If your "friend" had such a lack of respect for your place and your stuff that he would throw a bottle at your fridge and slam your door, possibly waking and disturbing your neighbors...well, I would say that he is not much of a friend at all and really is taking advantage of you. Drunk or not you don't do that to someone who is helping you out.


You've shown your loyalty to him by offering him your home...what has he shown you? Loyalty and respect are reciprocal relationships and will never work out if only one party is working at it.


Just something to think about. I wish you luck.



If one of my friends had done that I would pound the shit out of him and kick him out with the advice to go and un-fuck his life. But I have very little patience for disrespect.


+ 1,000,000 on this! Get rid of this guy ASAP, but keep the other roommate if she's hot... :) Tell her she owes you for almost getting you killed.


Also, you're damn lucky LE didn't smoke you for pointing gun at them.

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Bullcrap. Didja ever hear of a "no-knock" raid?


You still become Bubba's cell bitch if you happen to smoke a cop during one of those too.



Got to be sneaky with those intruders guys,if you can get a bead on a scumbag that is trying to get into your house and not let him know you are there then you don't have to expose yourself to the threat and can take them out the second they penetrate if that was your intention.


I will say that there have been a few cases where LE didn't properly identify themselves and got popped both by homeowners and other LE and they were totally defensible in court but if you chopped up a livingroom full of them with your AK it might put you in kind of a negative light when it went before the man ;)


I personally like the old "whoooo eeeeeees eeeet?" when someone comes to my door in the middle of the night while I am actually pointing a gun from a diagonal window well to the side of them but usually my motion sensing bright as hell lights would have already scared off anyone who didn't have a real reason to be there..


Got stuff happening outside?Don't open the door,lock it and brace it with something so you have one less point of ingress to worry about.Keep your outside lights on and your inside lights off and control your environment.



I wonder why those cops didn't have their headache rack going? Would have made it a lot safer to aproach the house in my opinion..

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You can act like your life is a movie or a video game, but, the consequences are REAL.


You could easily find yourself find yourself in prison before you know it.


The good thing about prison is you can have sex every day.


The bad thing about prison is that no one asks your persmission to have sex with you. "Bend over, boy!"




I vaguely knew a guy that lived a life like you describe.


He would answer the door with a shotgun, smash bottles, be drunk all the time, hung around with scum bags, bully people, constantly created drama and generally lived the low life.


Everyone was afraid of him and many girls liked him becuase he was a 'bad boy' and 'the dangerous type'. He and his brother were both this way.


Like you, he was living his life like it was a movie or video game.


Well, one night, liquoured up as usual, he blew some girls head off with a shotgun.


That was almost 20 years ago. He is still in prison.


He claimed that he didn't remember anything, that he was in a black out and it most have been an accident.


That was almost 20 years ago. He is still in prison.


His dysfunctional friends and family rallied around him and they all protested his innocence (and believed it). Everyone vowed to fight for 'justice'.


That was almost 20 years ago. He is still in prison.


Many people went to the trial and kept everyone else informed. It was quite the talk of the town.


That was almost 20 years ago. He is still in prison.


For the first year or so, people visited him fairly often. He even got a dysfunctional broad to marry him in prison.


That was almost 20 years ago. He is still in prison.


Nowadays, everyone has basically forgotten about him. Even his psycho 'wife'.


'Cause it's been almost 20 years...and he's still in prison.




You are the problem. The conditions you describe are psycho.


You can change if you really want to.


Low Life or GOOD LIFE.


It's up to you.


All you have to do is squeeze a trigger...ONCE...in the wrong circumstances and YOUR LIFE IS OVER.


It's not a movie and it's not a video game.


Juries are NOT your momma. They won't be buying any BS that answering the door (especially without checking to see who it is) with a loaded shotgun is anything other than nuts.


IMO, there is a very good argument FOR gun control. Your reckless and irresponsible behavior and cavalier attitude is a good example of such an argument.

hey oswald are you a top or bottom?

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