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arsenal SA rpk-7

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Well, as far as I know (only shot a couple of them) there is no set "definitive" for a 3-gun match other than they are action shooting, IE, you shoot, move, communicate. Some are partner matches, the ones I've done are singles- wherin there is a rifle phase, a shotgun phase, and a pistol phase. Some high-tech ranges use pop-ups, some the targets are stationary but you move through the course in a linear fashion from cover to cover on a timed/score basis, and others you move along a lateral course much like IPSC "Pistol Poppers" at different ranges (Watch OLN sometimes to see what I mean). My father shot the Army equivalent of a 3-gun match, with grenades, a submachine gun, and a pistol back in the 60s in Germany where you walked down a 'city street' and targets popped up in windows of purpose built buildings, and from behind various cover on the street. Certain targets had a certain time-limit, etc etc.


As for using an RPK, um, most guys I know shoot USRs, CAR-15s with the 11.5"bbl and the 4.5" suppressor, or some pistol caliber weapon, I'd think an RPK would be pretty cumbersome to run the match with. Not to say it wouldnt be fun but I'd suggest a Krinkov from Ohio Rapid Fire. I Love my AKSU74, fake can or no, and have found it very accurate for action shooting.


OTOH far be it for me to look down on a man who wants to use an unusual gun, I own a M40 Steyr, an S&W99, a full-sized USP, a couple of .1911 types, a couple of modern American 9mms and 380s, yet my carry gun is a home-modified 7.62x25mm Type 51 Chinese Tokarev loaded out with three mags of Gold Dot 90gr HPs and one mag of Chinese Steel-Core AP (just in case). I've also chosen to compete in military rifle matches using guns like the VZ52 and the Egyptian Hakim, and even shot against AR15s and M1As using old Lee Enfields (I placed in the top 10 more than a few times with those). So if you want to lug an RPK into an action match, well, if you're in shape enough to do it, knock yourself out. Otherwise I'd go with something no bigger than an SAR-2

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7.62\25mm is that like a ppsh? its a rifle no?vented hand guard woodstock. (I cant remember)

3 guns matchs have(most of the time)

1. a CQC pistol course

2. a CQC shotgun course

3. either a CQC or a long range rifle course

So most of the time its a 4 gun match :rolleyes:

I want a krink too!!!

I am not a real AR-15\M-16 fan but thats what every one use's I figured the rpk was a nice way to keep all my guns AK style(ar-15's tend to jam alot Ive had like 6 or 7 all different brands and I sold them all) with the execption of my 1911 .45 (sorry there's nothing better)

Most 3 gun match's do have a cash prize & and equipment for placing top 3!!! worth while if you like to shoot (& are good)

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At the three gun matches that I've been to The rifle portion covers anything from 0 to 300 yards. So make sure you can hit a man sized target at 300 yards or so with whatever you take.



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I have seen up to 500 yards for a man sized target, I suppose the krink's outa the question huh!!! Hmm the RPK it is I have a 16.5 ak right now I think the 24 heavy barrel would make a better long range rifle, I will use my saiga 12 since it has deemed itself worthy, And my para 1911, IM not bad and in good shape I see no prob then usein the RPK ( I like it anyway) with good optics I sould have no probs

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