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Saiga 12 recoil

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IMO it's less. I think the recoil spring takes up a good amount of the kick.

a recoil pad and a BlackJack buffer help some as well.


juggs... what is this... blackjack buffer?




I like the black ones, they last longer.

I have learned that the buffertech ones are to thick for the saiga 12 and can cause feed issues.

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it protects your bolt from slamming into the rear of your receiver.

don't really do much as far as felt recoil, but helps with ware and tare of your weapon.

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The first time I had the S12 to the range I shot up about a hundred slugs. Could only get twenty before I had to quit with the 870. The Wolf slugs work really well and have less recoil than the standard slugs like the Wallyworld Winchesters. The Wolf is about 1300 fps and the Wins are listed at 1600 fps. A recoil pad will also help and a buffer should be used IMHO. Accuracy was excellent with all slug loads and the sights were right on at 50 yards. The slugs used were up to 30 years old and a lot of them were in poor condition. The S12 ate them all without a burp. I also have a Mossber 500 and would say the recoil of the S12 is about 2/3 of the 500.

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Very soft shooter, much less than a pump gun (which is lighter, and has nothing to lighten the recoil).


FWIW, the gas operation is what softens the recoil. Actually, it lengthens the recoil pulse which lowers felt recoil. So, a benelli shoots harsher than an 1187 (even if you add weight to the benelli to make it equal).

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