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Please note that we have opened a new section titled "tech section" here, and that we welcome all of you to post there about your conversion and problematic issues, and if you have any posts in the past, to bring them to our attention, so that they may be deemed to be moveable to the new section that we have made, for everyone's convienience....


--saiga-12.com staff

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Sub categories for the following would be great, and would probably help with redundancy:


Trigger install, choices, tuning

Muzzle devices:

choices, modifications, efects


Gas System

FT Eject

FT Feed

Gas Block mods for reliability problems

Gas Tuning for NFA/ Short gas

Magazine mods/ Magwells



Mods to fit Wood/ refinishing wood

Tang cutting

Clearance issues with Folders

Recoil reduction

Finish Treatment guides

Rattle can, touch up

Duracoat /Moly Resin...


Making parts match furniture

Stencil tips.


Those are all frequent searches, and posts and polls.

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So I just got a brand new Saiga 12 its my first one and I have what I beieve to be a small problem. The gun came with a cheap plastic thread protector on the barrel, I was out shooting today ran some rounds and looked at the end and it was missing. I looked down range to find it with no avail, so I came home and promptly ordered a new steel one from Tapco. Here's the question..is it going to damage the gun in any way if I shoot without it until it arrives?(About a week shipping)

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