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A minor hail storm pre-empted any shooting this morning so I gathered up some stuff and decided to do a photoshoot of the gun, now I just need to get a better cam than this POS Logitech. More money spent that isnt in the bank account. Project cost so far is only a little over $450, probably end up tagging another $75-$80 worth of gear on it once its done, and the sale price will be around $750, not bad considering its sort of a one-of-a-kind design currently. Standard tube-fed shotguns are severly limited mag-capacity wise at this size, and once I've got the USAS-12 mags remfred to fit the weapon, it aught to present a pretty nice package to law enforcement agencies looking for a compact entry weapon the size and performance of a H&K but in 12-ga. I'll also be making a civilian consumption copy with a full leignth rifled barrel and a Choate druganov stock and a variety of paintjobs, probably done through no-ugly-guns. I'm trying to see if I can get BATF approval for calling it a 12-ga rifle and saddeling it with a 16"bbl instead of having to stick to the customary 18 & 1/4, but we'll see, it may end up being a DD (which isnt that horrible) and requring a transfer tax stamp.


I'm also considering buying Saiga parts from EAA and building them on an AK reciever as an AOW. My friend here manufactures "bounthunter" AOW shotguns based on the Mossburg Cruser/Persuader shotguns and he says it aught to get a pretty good reception. We'll see....


Enjoy the pix-


A little narrative first, the first pic of all the toys; one of which is the SAR-2 "parts doner" rifle that I cannablaized the American fire control system and rear furniture off of. Yes, that IS a bayonet mounted on it, notice my BLATENT disregard for the 94' AWB (actualy when I rebuilt it I put a Romanian thumbhole stock on it thus making the Bayonet lug Sec 922r OK, however when she hangs on my wall at home I restore the original look, soon to sport black Bulgarian furniture.) It shoots pretty well and it gets a lot of nice looks on the range. The most noticable weapon beside the Saiga is the Vz.61 Skorpion. Yes, its the real thing. Not mine, although I've been slowly chipping my amigo down on the price he wants for it. Currently he's at about $5,500 for it as its all orginal, imported before the 1986 Class 3 ban. Its an absolute gem to fire, and although underpowered, 7.65 (.32ACP) is still cheap if you know where to look, and its utterly controllable, a real lead hose. Once he breaks 4k I'll snap it up. The final gun fell over, but you can still kind of see it, is my constant companion, a 1953 production Chinese Type51/I Tokarev in the original 7.62x25mm. While modern thinking sneers at its tiny, high speed cartridge, it was one of the premier handgun rounds for nearly 75 years after being initally introduced for the Mauser C.96 pistol, and given a velocity makeover by the Czechs in the early 50s for their tank-ish Cz52 pistol. Although half the weight, I prefer the Tokarev over the Cz52 as its the size and weight of a slightly larger Colt 1903, and fits my thin hands very well. Still, its my next project, slated to recieve 1911 competition sights, an actual safety, and rosewood grips.


The next pic to the right was for Jackhammer showing the layout of the gun, as was the next pic, and the first two pix on the bottom left- the trigger guard sits a little far back, but I wanted to do it that way to make use of the existing holes in the reciever, as well as to provide a place to stick your finger so you didnt have to put it on the trigger, or along the trigger guard.


You can also see that I shortened the bolt-hold-open button so as to accomidate your hand more comfortably in its current configuration. Engaged it sits almost flush with the trigger guard. I've been working on, for some time now, a "last shot hold-open" mechanism for the weapon, but with how cluttered that section of the reciever is, I fear I'll never cram it in there.


I'm also not realy all that thrilled by the furniture. The cut down fore-end looks too 'raw' and is a little unstable. I'm hoping to scare up something at a gunshow one of these days, or maybe have a stock mfr make me something, but finding people who work in synthetics is difficult. What I'd REALY like is a MP5 style handguard, with the integral flashlight holder, and maybe a fixed, integrated M4 style foregrip.


The butt will be replaced by an ACE tubular folder, which will provide a much better basis for mounting some recoil absorbing rubber, and extend the trigger pull and eye relief some. While it looks impressive with the PSO scope on it, I'd never, ever shoot it like that as even in the long barreled configuration with the original stock setup, it nearly put my eye out. Another reason I'm re-attaching the rail with a weaver base for that BSA red-dot which will take the place of a Kobra that we've used in testing.


I've got to go take a drive to another friends place today to rummage around his gunshop for a suitable weaver rail, so I'll end my commentary here.


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