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I'm ready to buy a fast aquistion scope- help plez

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I finally got around to getting a side mount for one of my Aks. I would like to buy a very reliable, fast aquistioning red dot scope...a 2X wouldn't kill my 40ish eyes. Where and what can I buy? Leaning towards Kobra but not sure about models and where to buy.


Thanks ahead~ Ned

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Get a Kobra, PK-23 or PK-AS; you wont be disappointed with any of these. I personal have a PK-23 and love it, can be removed from the AK side rail mount and put on 30mm rings to be mounted on another gun.


If you get a Kobra that has the side rail mount built in, they sell a picitinny/weaver adapter for it.


The PK-AS is in AK side rail and picitinny versions.


I'd buy from either eastwave or freedom optics.

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Hello, NedPepper

Don't know about any 2x red dots other than AimPoint. That's not to sythey're not out there, but I don't know about 'em (yet...).

I do have a 2x AimPoint and I think it's an excellent scope for my 50+ish eyes. Very fast acquisition, near- eternal battery life, built-in flip-caps, etc.

Not cheap, but if you hunt I think you can get 'em for $350 or so (new) and probably less for used on Flea-Bay.


Hope this helps...

guido2 in Houston

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