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Question for Tromix - 444 Marlin Conversion

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The twist on the prototype is 1:25.


In testing the 440 CorBon rifle years ago, I found 1:25 was the sweet spot to run bulllets from 180 - 300 grains. The early 444 Malins used a 1:38 twist, which was before 300gr bullets were around. I tested some 1:38 barrels and some 300 grain bullets would not stabalize. The Hornady evolution bullets "claim" to need a 1:20 twist barrel which is unfortunate, because if you tighten it up that much, it's not going to shoot conventional bullets very well. I tested a bunch of 1:18 twist barrels and they shot no where near as well as the 1:25.


However, this is a custom gun, so you can order it (and live with) whatever twist you want. Your choices are 1:18, 1:25, or 1:38. If you want something else, add $275 for the rifling button to be made.



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I am so on board for this! 16.5", 1:25, original stock configuration (CA legal).


Edit: Hey tony, how long are the barrel blanks? Is it possible that when I buy an S-444 I can get the scrap that was cut off the muzzle end of the blank?

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