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Anyone know where I can purchase a recoil pad for my .308 Saiga. The size (5 1/4" X 1/34") is large and not common to most of the pads I can locate. I know they exist, as my SKS is the same size and has a great recoil pad on it. The pad, however, has no numbers or markings.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I put a grindable Limbsaver recoil pad on mine, but my Saiga is converted to pistol grip with an AK (not original Saiga) buttstock. Check Brownells for sizes and see if it will fit your stock. With that buttpad and an AK74 type muzzle brake, it has very little recoil.

Allan Schisel

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I was thinking more of an add on pad. One that would be perm and goes on with two screws.

Has anyone bought one like that? In looking at the offerings of pads, many do not give the measurments, while others list the rifle (all seem to be USA hunting rifles). Any help is appreciated.

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I picked up a lace-on dark leather recoil pad via ebay a while back, I intended to use it for a Mosin or SVT, but when I received it I found it was way too big for those small stocks. The saiga stock being quite large, it may fit nicely.




Padding is only about a 1/4" - 1/2".


If you want it, I can check the fit, and you can have it for shipping price. Kind of a way of giving something back to the community you could say...

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