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The staff here at the saiga12 forums, would like to welcome you all that are interested, in becoming an advertising business member here. We are drawing up a more formal and informative posting for you all to review, but here is a preliminary statement, that maybe you all may think on now, and maybe consider even this simple terms letter good enough to consider doing business with us here. We are satisfied with the ad software that we are using now, and are also satisfied that it is running without a hitch.


Our prices for a Business membership here is 100$ US per month, and if you want us to generate an ad FOR you, that brings an additional one-time fee of 100$ as well. These terms are also re-stated below:


As a Business member, your PM box is increased to 10,000 messages, you get a 234x60 pixel and 88x31 pixel CLICKABLE ADS on the right side and at the bottom of our forum pages, as well as a link and ad on the front of saiga-12.com. This Ad is randomly and positively evenly cycled with our other Business members' ads, meaning the software we use to run the ads knows if yours has not been shown as much as the other ads, and compensates for that so that the display count is even across all of our business members.


Further, you get your own section in our "Business members section", that you will have full moderation control over. For a targeted market like this forum is, and for the amount of traffic we do, 100$ a month is a steal! These are the basic terms for the Business members, and we will elaborate on this further for you all in the near future. Ad generation BY US will cost another 100$ and is a one-time fee. If you supply your own ad, we ask that it not be a flashing ad, conforms with the basic layout of our forum pages, and is gun or hunting related. We further insist that your website the ad will link to does NOT contain pornographic images, or have a racist nature to it.


We look forward to hearing from you, and will continue to strive to maintain the atmosphere that we have here in our little corner of the internet, which isnt so little anymore. This announcement will be further refined and improved, but our prices will remain as stated above.


Thank you all for your time spent here with us, and for considering this offer we are bringing you.




The Saiga-12.com Staff


Contact information availible here:



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