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So, about that edit button.


I will give it to you in a nutshell.




This morning, apparantly one of our contributing members (who will remain anonymous at this time, who also was one of the objectors to the edit button removal the last time, if I recall correctly) got a bad taste in thier mouth for whatever reason, and signed in anoymously and started editing all thier posts to read . starting from thier last post. I happened to be working on something else here behind the scenes at that moment, saw this user trying to HIDE (yes I can see you when you think you are hidden from everyone), and posting in all thier recent topics with no new posts visible. I then actually looked IN the threads they were going into, and saw what was happening at that point. I messaged this member, got no answer. well, that answered that for me.


I immediately suspended this user's account for 24 hours, and turned all regular and contributing member's edit buttons BACK to 24 hours. This amount of time will be increased for the contributing members tomorrow a little bit.


Further, BUSINESS members still have full edit rights to any and all of thier posts. they have NO limit.


We think the best way to handle the edit button issue is the method that we had originally settled on a few months ago.


I tried to run this past the entire staff here accurately over the course of today (everybody is busy, it was monday first thing) as we all had time to discuss it, and we are in a majority understanding that this was the correct and only thing that could be done.


We have tried to find a way to allow the "for sale" section posts ONLY to be edited for longer periods of time, but that is not how this software is programmed to run. this may change in the future but that's just how it is for now.


We understand that this will be an inconvieniance to some of you, and we apologise for that. We will try to find a way so that everyone is happy, as we understand how a lot of you feel about this change, due to the last time it was implemented. It was implemented for these very reasons, as stated above.

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Quick question. If we would like an old post edited for whatever reason, should we contact one of the mods?


If yes, what would be the easiest/best way to go about doing that?


also, if I'm out of line forgive me, but I'm just wondering what is so terrible about someone wanting to remove their own posts?

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If there is something that really does need editing, then yes, you can contact one of the staff to help you do so, if it is important.


easiest way would be through PM


what happens when people go back a week later and edit, or when people go and delete erronous our foul posts is it ruins the thread's continutity and can confuse the shit out of thediscussion when removed. This will also screw with things that you want to get a price on in the for sale section. I have had it happen myself, where I see what people on the rest of the inet pay for something, then come here where people know what they are talking about and paying for, and the for sale post has been edited to only say *SOLD*.


this is more like a bulletin board, not a chat room. what goes up, stays up.



just like any other internet forum, also, when you post here, when you hit the enter key, that data becomes the intellectual and physical property of this forum's owner. this is common across the internet, and remember that we are responsible for SOME of what happens here, legal or not, and if a problem WERE to arise, we would hate to not statisfy the court's demands because someone backtracked and removed incriminating data that had already been seen by such and such whoever whaddayacallit............

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I still feel that the problems caused by misuse of editing can be solved in other ways. Without flaming on the subject, I would really like those avenues to be explored, even if it takes some time before it happens.


While most forums consider posts the intellectual property of the forum, very few remove the edit feature. I'm all for finding a better way in time.

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