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Tactical/Speed Magazine releases...

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I watched a video recently saw one of these being used, don't remember which one....but very slick. Seems like a very cost effective addition to make these mags easier and faster to release/change. I came across the ones made by Red Star sold at BlackJack's first. Upon further research on this site, I found the 2nd one by Jeric. Both look nice and seem like they would function well, price's seem to be comparable and the application seems to be similar. Red Star's are ambi and look to be a bit bulkier but push downward to release where as the Jeric's is right handed only, a bit smaller and push forward to release. Looking at the two different photos the Jeric photos's seem to be on a smaller mag release itself and may be on a shottie where as the others look to be on rifles maybe? Is this because of the difference in the rifles vs. shotties? (My S-12 hasn't arrived yet to compare.) So...which have you used? Which is more intuitive in real life usage? Feedback? Thoughts? Thanks in advance!



Edit: correction Jeric's are quite a bit less....


Link: Jeric's updated pricing info.....

Link: Jerics Speed mag release



Custom mag speed release



Link: AK-47 Tactical Magazine Release


This new magazine release is smaller and more attractive, plus it is less likely to become snagged on brush when used in the field. In addition to a revised design, these all steel parts are now hardened to ensure greater integrity.


Strong and simple ambidextrous magazine release that really works! A natural evolution of the AK-47 magazine release. Dramatically decreases magazine change times by allowing a quick mag drop with the trigger finger while keeping the stong hand on the pistol grip. Effective for competitive shooting or any circumstance that requires reduced magazine change time. Mag release comes with black phosphate finish, is pre-drilled, and is ready to attach to your existing magazine release. Unit comes complete with instructions.





Installation Instructions

  • Model: 375 / AK-47 ExtendMagRelease
  • Manufactured by: Red Star Arms


Link: AK47 Tactical Release Installation


TOOLS NEEDED FOR INSTALLATION All that you will need to fasten the AK-47 Tactical Extended Magazine Release to your rifle are the following hand tools:

  1. Power drill
  2. 1/8 inch drill bit
  3. Pop rivet tool or machine screws and screwdriver

DRILLING THE EXISTING MAGAZINE RELEASE The Tactical Magazine Release forms its own drilling template. Simply hold it in place and drill through the existing holes in the new mag release. install_tacrel1.jpgFASTENING THE NEW MAGAZINE RELEASE Fasten the new magazine release to the existing release using the supplied rivets. Pop rivet tools are available at any hardware or home improvement store and are very inexpensive. Alternatively, the mag release may be attached with button head screws. install_tacrel2.jpg

install_tacrel3.jpgAK COMPLETE WITH TACTICAL EXTENDED MAGAZINE RELEASEYou will be dropping mags faster without your strong hand coming off the pistol grip! Anyone can have this job complete in a few short minutes! install_tacrel14.jpg________________________________________________________________________________



Link: Jerics Speed mag release



Custom mag speed release



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I haven't tried either of those, but I can tell you with certainty that the Primary Weapons (formerly AK Concepts) mag release extension does not work with the Saiga because of the curve of the release. It's designed to work with straight levers. So it found a home on my Lancaster instead of my Saiga.



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