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Misinformation and ridicule are the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of the war of propanganda. To destroy your opponents credibility-make them appear as bufoons,then no one will take them seriously. Write indignant letters to those who puplish this manure, and demand retractions! The truth is always the first victem!



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Some how they have equated "civility" with the ban of guns. Unfortunatly, people in the metropolitan mind set are willing to just do what ever is given to them. it's sad really. When those days come when they might need a tool like a gun in there "toolbox" there will be none around! will be remember it like the doe-doe bird! probably through a chain link fence!

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These people are fools. I love how they associate the NRA with murder and violence.

NRA? Why cant they believe that shooting any type of gun for "fun" is possible. I'm entitled to the "pursuit of happiness", am I not?

The same people who characterize all gun owners and the nra as villianous maniacal killers happen to be the ones who beat cops to death at "peaceful" protests and fight for their right to murder the unborn, while they chastise hunters for not respecting animals rights. Most hunters and shooters I know also happen to be some of the most honest and responsible and compassionate people I have ever met. The media is simply too powerful in this country.

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It just something that happens a lot, blame something for the social problems

of the country, guns and the NRA, and easy target to blame. Even it is

not true, that is the easy way of the media. For every well informed

citizen are 100 out there that are not.

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What a bunch of anti gun sickos who must have a penis envy. Anti gun idiots should only look at England where guns were banned and crime soared. London is more dangerous than New York thanks to the victim disarmament. Self defense in England is a worse crime than what is committed by the perpetrators.

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