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hey guys, new to the forum but not to saigas...i own a 20 gauge that i love and ive been contemplating getting 2 or 3 new saigas...the first one i was looking at was the .308 with 22" barrel and wood stock...never held one, only seen pics online but have one locally for $340...i was thinking of using it for hunting but ive heard that they are too heavy and inaccurate...what is your guys opinion? ive been snooping around the site and read a few things here and there about accuracy...from what i've seen you guys say that the 16 inch is more accurate...that was rifle #2 im thinking of getting...looks like it would make a great brush gun, and ive actually held one...again the question of accuracy comes to mind...finally...a 16 inch .223... .223 is about the only caliber i dont own and i figured why not get one of these bad boys in .223...so my question is what kind of mods can i make to it to make it look mean, and also are there going to be any high caps? thanks for any and all info...im really enjoying the pics of all your rifles and wish to make mine the same! :devil:

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Took a 22" bbl .308 bear hunting a few weeks ago. Its not a light rifle, but I don't find it to be uncomfortably heavy. I think its pretty accuate. I regularly shoot 2"-3" groupings with mine at 100 yards with a POSP 6x42 scope. I wouldn't take it to a shooting competition, but you shouldn't be shooting at animals from 100 yards away either. It's accuarte enough for short to medium range hunting plus the .308 caliber is versatile enough for bear, dear, etc.

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well i figured the weight would be somewhat comprable to my 20 gauge...i guess it would be a little awkward to carry slung over your shoulder since you have the scope on one end and the bolt handle on the other...im from MA so a 100 yard shot would be a reach for anything in the woods around here and in neighboring states...is the wood stock rough looking or not? i have the VEPR in .308 and the wood is gorgeous...should i expect the same from saiga or no because it is a less expensive rifle?

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