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Fly by night congress

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(sorry for posting in this forum if it should be elsewhere. Its just where I post most often. Move if needed).



Well, heard they're at it again. If the McCarthy bill wasnt bad enough (just the 1st step as I was reading), as soon as they (Congress) comes back from their recess, one of the 1st things on the agenda is to debate this:


HR 2640 (interesting is the "troubling questions go unanswered" link and the "Senate ready to move on gun control" link.



Here's the summary:




Essentially, read the summary on the 2nd link there. If that passes it will be chilling to the core. Have medication prescribed to kids because of some school nurse saying the child was "hyper"? Oh well, they grow up and cannot defend themselves. Have to get counseling in the future to resolve stresses that happened in Iraq or violent crime or perhaps a car crash? You could just lose your rights to own any protection for the family.

Heck, having to declare bankruptcy in the future (or past) might just qualify as unable to manage your life I think (although not assiciated with the mental aspects of the bill....but still, the bill is obscure).


Its one thing to take away weapons from criminals (rapists/violent crime felons), I agree with those "obvious" laws. Any reasonable and prudent person can understand things like that. Its the "You might" laws, or laws that dig through "looking for dirt" (excuse to take away a right) that are the most annoying things to me.


All it would take is a quota (which I heard was proposed as well concerning this) and a corrupt psychiatrist or psychologist to say "I don't like the way you think". Thought police, how nice.


Some people will end up losing their rights because of simply having to take Ritalin without choice -let alone poor diagnosis. "Obviously" that's what being a bad 5 year old deserves. They should've thought of that before they threw that tantrum in school or mall !


This HR2640 proposal is tyranny in the making. It's unconstitutional. Its sad.


Whether you exercise or believe in the 2nd Amendment or not, its your right to choose how to live your life. Its your right to be able to protect yourself -or not. Some people will probably end up dying over this one if it passes.



Take it with a grain of salt...not wanting to start a heated debate about beliefs. Just passing out the info (and opinion) to friends I feel need to know this info. You know who you are and who is at risk.




(again, move to correct forum as you decide... fine either way).



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