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Magwells for Saiga-12, stick mags and drums!!!!

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Never seen so much hype. I havent even seen a line drawing. Please post anything as to what it my look like.


Research, research, research! It's the key to intellectual speaking. Here is the link to the video spoken of above

and there are pics in the top pf the thread. But better yet... how about these little beauties...





These are 3 of 5 different versions I have of a stick only version. The one on the far left is basically the factory version with a few improvments. The style I'm building has been desided already so I won't be doing the poll I mentioned. That style is secret for now. (sorry everyone :angel: ) All I can say is... bad ass and more justified of the hype than anyone can imagine.

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Mike, I understand that the front locking lug has to be removed from the stick mags and the drum to work in the mag wells. Do they still stay locked in the weapon securely, especially the drum with its weight when full?


Looking forward to when they come out :)

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Realistic time frame for release of these is?

It is looking real good for Spring some time! Hopefully on the early side.

Put the mag wells in a room with a gopher. If he seems and then shits himself the mags will be out in 6 weeks.


I will likely buy a mag well before I buy the gun. I am going to build from the mags up..............

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Magwells I assume will probably be out by the end of the year.


I thought Mike said he would have these around spring time.


I figured that the magwell would be a whole lot easier to bring to market than the drum.


Personally, I have no use for the drum, but the magwell is a must for me.

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