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Armed Homeowner To Burglar: You're A Dead Man

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What's the difference between a racist and a Nazi?


At the risk of being torn apart here... The actual difference is one of politcal affiliation. A NAZI is a member of the Nazional Sozialismus Partei -- the National Socialist Party. A true NAZI is, therefore, by definition a socialist, a member of a left-of-center political party. Anyone can be a racist. A NAZI is quite likely a racist but it is possible, I suppose, to be a member of the National Socialist Party and not be a racist (not bloody likely but possible). In point of fact, Germany's NAZI movement was aimed primarily against extreme forms of communism and what they perceived to be the head of the communist 'hydra' -- Russia. Racist? Yup. As were the governments of Russia and a number of other European nations back then (France was primarily anti-Jewish and anti-gypsy. Poland figured in as well but, as they went down quite early in WW2 this has been ignored. Strangely enough, Italy had a sort of understanding with the Jews. Even at the height of the war, when the Germans demanded they deliver Jews for shipment to camps in Germany, the Italians dragged their heels and hid as many Jews as they could. You have to keep in mind, though, that before the War, Germans regarded Italians as an inferior 'race' and not quite up to the status as true 'humans'. They found Italians to have value as a way of tieing up large amounts of allied troops and war materiel. Even the English regarded the Italians as a bit inferior -- too much in love with love, singing, drinking and having a good time.


Racism does not depend on political beliefs, economic, social, ethnic or racial backgrounds.


Okay, the floor is now open for insults, disagreements, pie-throwing, etc. Just no burning piles of excrement in front of my door, please...

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