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Gun Debate

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Did anybody watch "The Gun Debate" on Pay Per View? It almost made me sick to watch because of the anti-gun speaker's thoughts on guns. She said that any and all firearms that are either semi-automatics, can hold more than one of ammo, or can shoot distances greater than 100 meteres should be outlawed and that the US should submit to the will of the global community. Where does she get off?

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Outlawed based on what? What doesn't shoot 100 meters? Last I heard, a .177 pellet rifle can do that. Shows the absurdity of gun control activists/socialist societies and their agenda to completely control people's lives. Police state, here we come.


What else happened during this PPV? Needless to say, I didn't pay. :)

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Outlawed based on the fact that guns cause death and that the US leaks arms into the world through smuggling and the black market - so she says. And, yes, any gun can shoot more than 100 meters. Thats the whole point. People who don't know anything about guns might think that this restriction sounds "reasonable", but gun owners know its bull.


Other than that, I though Wayne LaPierre did a great job. He got a lot of applause and more support than I though he would from pro-gun Europeans.

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We leak to the black market? Maybe on a local gang level. Everytime I see third-world guerillas or Islamic fanatics, they're carrying FALs or AKs. Neither one of US origin. If anyone should have the finger pointed at them for helping the 'black market' it should be Russia, but then they do it on purpose on a government level.

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