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Hello everyone -


There has been a number of issues about the contributions and donations. I have spoken at length with various staff members here and a few of the members about these problems. I am going to outline some of the problems and let you all know what we need from you to remedy the problem.


If you contributed with PAYPAL recently, and our system has NOT updated your profile to reflect being a contributer yet -


---what happened is paypal, a month or two past, changed its round trip data format, and we were unaware of this happening. YES we have recieved your donations, and we have record of them all. You have to be confirmed and hand-added into the system, however. the problem SHOULD be fixed for future paypal donations.


---solution: you need to PM myself with the following: your donation amount, your full name, date of transaction, and your user name. Most of this is in your paypal receipt, please make sure it is, however, and paste it to me in a PM.



If you contributed by way of a check in the mail, and have put your request in for a contribution recognition in the subscriptions packages, and have NOT been recognised as a contributer yet -


---what happened most likely is that you DID NOT include your user name on the forum. when sending in a donation in this way, you should be sure to include your member name here.


---solution: you need to PM myself with the following: your donation amount, form of payment, your full name, date of the check, and your user name.



If you have previously contributed, and have gone to make an additional contribution, and that number says that you only donated, say 35 bucks, and to upgrade your subscription, you must add 85 dollars,


---your last donation was probably incorrectly added into the system, or is still pending. if you are up to date on the subscription, it will tell you that you are upgrading TO that amount.


---solution:you should contact myself with all relevant information about the donation amounts, when, who you are, what form of payment, approximately when they were and for what amounts, so that I can go into your user subscription and try to verify this information, and verify with the person that actually handles your money for the forum, and get it sorted out. this is a widespread thing across the donating members, and I am not precisely sure why it happened, either it was a software update that had incompatible data tables, or the information was not fully updated to your account, etc etc.



The boss would normally be the person to speak with, but again, he is going away on business for about a month, and will be unavailable to handle administrative duties here because of that. I will act in his stead as best I can.



also, all staff should forward to me via the admin section, all recent PMs and such into the thread cobra started so that I can try to verify and contact the members with problems in this matter.



the entire staff here at saiga-12.com fully appreciate any and every donation here from you all, and we will continue to apply these donations to the existance of this forum. your personal information is VERY secure with us, and it will NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES be shared with anyone, for any reason, outside of a court order.


thank you for your time, and continued support.


update: I spoke with the boss this morning about the paypal issue. apparantly paypal has changed thier site, and the way it communicates with the forum software has changed as well, and he is going to take a look at it in the next day or two and see what the problem is with auto-status updating and paypal, and it should be remedied soon.


again, if you have not been recognized for any donation, please read the above, and send me the information I am asking for, and I will get on it.

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I am understanding that our routing with paypal (the return trip that automatically upgrades your account) has been fixed a few days ago.


again, read the above for the information I need from you, and PM me. PLEASE dont email myself or the mjsglobal email, rather use this board's PM feature to relate requested information to me, as this will allow me to keep track of who needs what and when MUCH easier than through my email account. The boss is away on business, so he wont be answering any email. I also have a special area of my PM box set up JUST for this, and it is MUCH easier to keep track of this way.


Thanks again, everybody, and I apologise for any hassle this is for anyone. I make the call to our accountant twice a week, Im planning mondays/tuesdays as well as fridays, during business hours. You will see your account here updated to reflect your contributions status. You will also notice your PM box will get VERY large, this will change to a smaller number of PMs in the coming week, but will remain fairly sizeable for you all, for convenience.


I dont want to miss anyone or forget anyone, so Im doing it this way to ensure that there is good communication and a positive solution. I hope everyone understands.

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Ok, thats another half dozen of you verified today.


Next call to our accountant will be this friday. If you have a donation that did not go through recently or from the past, be sure to read about what I need from you, and shoot me a PM with that information in it.

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Ok, thats another half dozen of you verified today.


Next call to our accountant will be this friday. If you have a donation that did not go through recently or from the past, be sure to read about what I need from you, and shoot me a PM with that information in it.



I'm new and I'm trying out this site to 1) glean relevent info on my Saigas and 2) sell an older addition to my collection but I want to become a contributor and make a contribution to sell what i have foremost. If you respond will I need to check this thread, will I get an email or is there some other means for me to contribute and/or view other related threads?

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This thread was created when there was a minor issue with the linkup between paypal and the website's donations system. it has been corrected.


you can go ahead, and donate, and your account, depending on your method of payment, will either be updated immediately, or within a day or two manually by site administration.


you will get an email if you paypal or CC your donation, and if you pay by check to MJS Global, it will be taken care of when your donation is received.



Thank you for considering this site for a means to sell your firearm, and appreciating the knowledge and information you have available to you here. It really is the best place for anything Saiga. The owner of this site is a personal friend of mine, and I can say with assurance, he appreciates even the smallest donation. It is how he is, its the gesture.



Stay cool, and keep it real....

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I posted a note a couple of days ago in another 'Contributions???' thread but will summarize here. Monday (Nov 22) I tried to Paypal a donation and the process bogged down and stopped somewhere between Saiga Forum 'check-out' and PayPal authorization. I gave up and postal mailed a check. In this case I believe there was something screwed up in the site to paypal connector. :smoke:

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