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anyone have experience with this vendor?

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has anyone dealt with direct outdoor supply?






I'm also looking at tapco's T6 stock http://www.tapco.com/proddesc.aspx?id=a4d0...f5-740b30c174f1


and the galil hand http://www.tapco.com/proddesc.aspx?id=ddcc...10-072f3d2c3995





but i hear that it the weak point may be the cheap plastic. can anyone say so or otherwise? thanks!

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I don't have experience with Direct Outdoor Supply. Sorry, maybe someone else does.


But..if you're looking at those Tapco parts, I would check out www.jsesurplus.com . They have the same parts, but a lot less (T6 for 45, Galil style handguard for 28). Mind you, I've never done business with them either, but they claim they're from Tapco and maintain the warranty, so...that's where I'm going when I finally buy my conversion parts.


Just food for thought.

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I'm a big fan of JSE, too - but from what I saw this Direct Outdoor Supply outfit had better prices (a few dollars cheaper) than JSE on the TAPCO stuff ($41 vs. $45 - not sure about the shipping charges). What you don't know is the cutomer service that goes behind it -- JSE is top notch.


As far as TAPCO stuff in general, you get what you pay for. If you want a decent, cheap alternative to your stock furniture, then TAPCO is a workable alternative. It won't come as a big surprise that it's not as nice as the higher priced stuff. I think the collapsible stock generally gets decent reviews, but the side folder leaves a bit more to be desired. The difference between the $40 TAPCO and the $100 CAA stock is pretty significant, though. You might think about what it's worth to hold out and save up for the next level of quality before plunking down $45 on something you may want to get rid of down the road in an "upgrade".



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just to update. the tapco and stuff from JSE came really fast. they both send you an email with a link to track the package. The tapco furniture works well. i wouldn't hit anyone on the head with the collapsable stock - just doesn't seem very strong but it works enough. No issues so far.


The galil handguard looks a bit big and bulky but it works.


i'm not dissapointed.

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