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.308 Trigger/PG conversion

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The Saiga .308 will be a new weapon in my arsenal tomorrow. I have not seen the inside of it so I am uncertain as to what the guts look like. But from the pics and posts you guys have published it seems to me that a one piece stock & pistol grip (as many of you have made) would be the way to go. Is it not possible to just bolt (or screw) on a one piece unit and not mess with moving the trigger group?? I realize they may not be available in mass yet, but if it's possible to do so it's only a matter of time. Would I not be better off to wait for an after-market product than drilling and cutting into my gun? (Assuming I have the patience to wait!) The hi capacity mags are on the way.... won't the stocks be next? Or is the rear end/hardware not conducive to an after market stock?

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AK stocks fit the saiga rifles, but only if the parts are redone inside allowing the trigger to be moved. I doubt anyone will be making stocks for the unmodified rifles, you'd be better off doing it yourself, its not that hard if you have wood working tools.


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I too have a 308, but haven't had either the .223 or 7.62 apart. From the pics I've seen there's a major difference with the 308. The others appear to have a trigger that pivots on a pin just above the trigger so it moves back and forth normally, while the 308's pin is several inches forward of the trigger so it moves more up and down. Just hold your 308 as if it had a pistol grip and see how very awkward the trigger would be from that position. Moving the FCG cures all that. If you have the skills to make your own stock, you can do the PG conversion with a drill, some files and maybe $60 in parts. You will need an American made PG and stock to get the parts count right (covered elsewhere on this site) and everything should go smoothly.


I've been struggling with making my own Dragunov stock for some weeks now and it's not as simple as I expected. The top and bottom of the receiver aren't parallel as I had thought. Cutting the slot for the bottom of the receiver at the right angle is a challenge, as is hogging out the slot for the tang off the top of the receiver, and getting the angle of the stock right to put the rifle at the correct height is also a challenge. And, the traditional Dragunov places the thumb behind, not under, the receiver, with the back of the receiver cut off at an angle to shorten the distance to the trigger. Not willing to cut up my gun, I was back to square one designwise. I've been through four prototypes now and almost got it right. Then I can start thinking about the matching foregrip. In contrast, moving the FCG took a single evening. Adding a synthetic PG and stock is then a simple bolt on, less than an hour, and you can be at the range the next day for maybe $150 total.

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Yes, I was NOT impressed by the trigger on the 308. It doesn't go back like an AK, but back and UP. As soon as people restock the AK FCG, I'm converting it.

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