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.223 brake?

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I don't "do" myspace, nor do I go to the range in my Neon with the ground effects and four foot "spoiler" to "busta box a ammo" from my "gat" before rollin' home to play some X-box in my parent's basement :rolleyes:


I am, however, happy to chat about guns and both try to learn something new and to share some of the knowledge learned from my mispent years working in and around gun shops, sending hundreds of thousands of rounds downrange, years of training and practice, and more shooting competitions than I can easily remember. While my game was off at last year's USPSA 3-Gun nationals (where the shooting situation I mentioned earlier was referenced), I did finish as #16 in the nation. I've won military pistol and sniper rifle matches in Europe, placed rather highly in the Hawaii state rifle championships a while back, and have since either won or placed highly at matches across the US. I'm a Master class shooter, professional firearms trainer ("sit! stay!" :haha: ), and a licenced firearms manufacturer.


I don't know everything; hell, I don't know much. But I'm happy to share what I know and discuss what I don't.


The key is an open mind.


Not a mind full of "knowledge" gleened from losing at Counterstrike in your parent's basement in between shifts as fry cook at Burger King. :cryss:


More on topic: a brake (on any platform) makes insanely fast and accurate follow up shots very possible, and much easier than without one. A brake on a full auto gun makes keeping all rounds on target dead easy (the last F2 demo on 16" full auto M4 types had cops...cops, mind you, not serious shooters...dumping full mags into an 8" circle at 50 yards). A brake on a gun that isn't used for that sort of thing represents money better spent on something else.





Well alex, I will remind you that YOU ARE THE ONE that bragged about myspace and posting BS about winning awards for using an AK at 300m targets.


300 meter awards with a 223 AK???? Yeah right. Show me! Ill call your bluff, You are so full of shit your eyes are brown.


Nothing I hate more than a poser.


And a Poser that doesn't understand that a 223 doesn't need a break unless you are some weak ass poser that can't hold on to a poodle shooter.


Ill tell ya the same thing I told your buddy. Put up or shut up.

Any dumbass can tack a break on a 223 that doesn't need it.


I will raise the BS flag on you.



LOL you are something bro, LOL , no knolage what so ever.

go back to your guns and Ammo or what ever you read.






Why dont you tell us about your 300m awards with an AK and how the 223 hurt your little pussy shoulder LOL.


And learn how to spell.


I guess our educational system has gone downhill these last 10 years?


It's like Im arguing with retards.


Gonzo, I am SURE you and Vjor know more about firearms than I do.

Even if you have knowledge on something, even if you are right. (and I'm not saying if ya are or not.)

that is no excuse to be a DICK about it!

NO TROLLING! Is that clear enough English for ya?

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Oh please spare me.


There is NOT a single competition shooter here among us and you know it. Too many wannabe posers in this thread AFAIAC.


Silly argument. Spend a few bucks on a brake, try it, see for yourself. If you don't like, it cool. There is no denying they work though and there is no need to argue with fellow shooters.


In regards to competition shooters, I'm nobody but all I care about is competition (addiction might be a better description) and it was reading up on Alex's and SintralRifleman's posts on about Saigas 12s in competition that led me here. Thanks to Tony putting the competition version of Tromix S12 in Dean's hands, there are going to be a hell of a lot more competitors finding there way over here.

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I don't own a brake but that won't stop me from voicing my uninformed opinion. :haha:


Brakes and FH look cool. Brakes DO help keep guns on target as I've seen with/without videos online. Yes they could be somewhat staged but If there is NO reason for them why do so many shooters use them? I don't feel I need a brake on a .223, 7.62x39 or even a .308, because my follow up shots are not required to be .1 seconds apart. After shooting my Shotgun in stock format, I realize i can't follow-up with a shot on target as fast as the gun cycles. I've seen vids out there with s-12's that look like they don't recoil up at all. You can't tell me that they'd butcher their barrels for competition if the things didn't work.

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You guys still pondering at this guy, damn bros it is not worted, especially you

Alex, anyone with half of brain knows who you are bro. Like cobra say last night

it was a childish little drama in here :D

Edited by vjor

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Just to clear myself, I'm putting the brake/FH on because I think it looks cool. And if anyone thinks i'm a "poser" for that, they clearly have issues with their definition of the word "poser." I'm getting what I want out of MY gun regardless of anyone's opinion, save my own.


I know that the .223 has less recoil than my .410, lol.


I just want that added 2 to 3 inches because i like the way it looks, plus, i'm no competition shooter. As long as I can still hit coyotes at 250 yards, I don't care that it affects my accuracy that much.





This isn't my gun, but I photoshopped the longer barrel down to look like the 16"er. The brake on the end makes the gun look more "evil"


P.S.- if this is your gun, sorry for posting your pic, but i wanted to illustrate what i meant.

Edited by Srouxd

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