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Range Report

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So I finally got out to the range around here and fired the .308 I picked up from texasak.

I bought about 80 rounds of some miltary surplus ammo. I just wanted to get out to the range and fire off some rounds to get a feel for it.

Boy was it nice. It did have lots of recoil but didnt hurt at all. I only shot at 25 yards and i got about 3in. groupings. I know this isnt good or anything but I was really not aiming and just itching to shoot the gun. Im stoked.


I did have some problems with the ammuntion tho. First it was dirty as fuck because it took me like an hour to clean the gun and i still feel its dirty. I also had some problems with the round going into the chamber. It would get stuck about 1/2 way in. I pull the action back and then it feed ok. I blame the ammo because it was cheap.


In my rush to fire it, I forgot that I had a snake brake for it. Does this reduce recoil? Should I have it on or the flash hider? Ill just have to switch next time.


I also need a scope before i get to the distance shooting, tho i dont think ill have one in time for deer hunting so i hope my first shot at 100 yards hits.


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The muzzle brake should reduce recoil. Depending on what you want, if you put on the flash hider, you should see some increase in muzzle rise.


Glad to hear you had fun. The first 60 rounds I put through my Saiga were Federal premium rounds. I had no feeding/extraction issues and the rifle was barely dirty at all.


Afterthought: Have you tried polishing the contact points on the hammer? That might help the bolt cycle better.

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no i dont. i just wanted the cheapest i could get. i was expecting some winchester or remingtion ammo but she had some 7.62X51 m80 ball ammuntion. thats all the box said. it was a white box and cheap crap. the bolt seemed to be leaving a major scratch on the casing. is this normal?


for sure next time im going to get better ammo. sometime this weekend i hope.



oh and texasak how do i change the OEM mag internals. I wanna swtich to the 8-round mag, but am a little afraid of breaking something. what tool should i used to get the bottom off? and should i make sure not to do something?

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