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Question for those who have both a vent ribbed Saiga and non vent ribb

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If you have both and have shot clay targets/ skeet, etc does the vent rib seem like it gives you much of an edge over the standard S-12 sights. I ask because I just got another Saiga and it is vent ribbed. I plan to convert it. I want to register one of my S-12's as a short barrel shotgun. After some rough photoshops of some pics from the pic thread I kinda like the way a short barrel shotgun with a vent rib looks over the standard sight S-12. At the same time though I will continue to use my 19" S-12 fpr clay shootin, bird hunting (I have a 2rd mag) etc. If the vent rib gives a really big edge for that stuff then I will keep it with a 19" barrel. If anyone has experience with both shooting clays and such I'd really appreciate the input. Here are my crappy photoshops that I made in 15 secs:





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I fould that transitioning from a Remington 1100 26" vent rib to a Saiga-12 22" rib was harder than the transition from the Saiga-12 22" rib to a Saiga-12 19" with rifle sights.


Generally speaking, a lighter gun and shorter barrel makes shooting skeet a little more difficult because it is much easier to inadvertantly slow/stop your swing with a lighter gun.


I thought the rifle sights would be a problem, but it did not take long for me to adjust to them. The rifle sights are different and kind of non-traditional for skeet, but I think you will pick them up quickly.


Adding the drum actually improved my Saiga skeet scores more than anything else ... :D

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