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Reccomended Reloading Manual for Shotgun

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Hey guys, I bought my first reloading manual, and I think it's awesome. It's called "Blanks to Supersonics" from www.PrecisionReloading.com. I mean sure, the book is made by them, and they offer everything in their recipies for sale on their website. So the book is there to boost sales as well, but hey, that's just good business. I ordered my press from them, and it is fantastic. The staff was as helpful as possible and beyond. I was sent from an order taker to a tech guy after mentioning I was going to reload buckshot. He asked me if I had a load in mind, and if so, he would take the press box apart and replace any parts on the stock press with ones for my specific load. They also gave me a bunch of free hulls with it (standard offer) and I went with 3" rem green so that I could cut them for fresh 2-3/4" hulls for rollcrimping, or to just load some 3 inchers. Once I got the book, I found either is possible with minimal tooling.


The book has the following load types in it:


Buffered Bismuth

ECO and Sub-Sonic Bismuth

Lead Loads including data for 12GA 2-1/2" & 12GA 2"

Buffered Lead Loads

ECO and International Target for Lead Shot

Buckshot and Buffered Buckshot

Loads for Slugs

Loads for Blanks

Rollcrimp loads

Also, loads for mixed buckshot sizes and mixed birdshot.


It has all the basic stats (bore info, bird flying speeds, choke info), rules, and formulas for shotshell reloading, but none of the loading data you'd find in a standard shotshell reloading book. It isn't piles and piles of bird shot loads, there are loads for:

.410 2.5"

.410 3"

28ga 2.5"

28ga 2.75"

20ga 2.5"

20ga 2.75"

20ga 3"

16ga 2.5"

16ga 2.75"

12ga 2"

12ga 2.5"

12ga 2.75"

12ga 3"

12ga 3.5"

10ga 2.75"

10ga 3.5"


And I still want more loads for buckshot, I can't wait to mix buckshot sizes using their data. I bet it's a waste of time for performance, but I don't care. I want some low recoil load data, that kind of stuff. The only way you can get that stuff is to share recipes (and double check them). I highly reccomend PrecisionReloading as they are nice people and offer everything I know of for shotgun reloading. Best price I've seen on buckshot anywhere, because they stock Remington 25 pound bags and Hornady 5 pound boxes. They have everything required for reloading all the loads I listed back up there, slugs, buckshot, blanks, rollcrimping tools, etc. They have a print catalog, it's great pooper room reading material if you're looking into reloading shotshells. I just made another topic here in reloading that's just a Low Recoil #4 Buckshot load.


Added: Oh I think there's some 8 gauge loading data in the book as well. If there is, it isn't much because I haven't bumped into it.

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